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melting into you wrote:Since I'm re-reading Twilight I just came upon another dream she has. She has no clue Jacob is a wolf. But she dreams she's walking in the woods towards sun when Jacob pulls her back, says don't go there, she pulls away and Jacob turns into the color fur he has later on and then she sees Edward. Then she wakes up. I know I read Twilight slow and took it all in, but it's amazing when you complete the series and go back how much things pop out. Her dreams tell her a lot. Hee hee couldn't help but wonder if this was where she yelled out Edward's name and he was watching her sleep. :)
There's just something about this particular dream, I think it's going to have some kind of play in Breaking Dawn as well, because didn't she have this dream twice? In Twilight and New Moon? I wasn't sure if she had the dream in Eclipse though, but still it has some kind of symbolic meaning to it that I can't figure out.

Any thoughts on this?

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Re: Just a thought

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Twilight Fanpire wrote:okay this question is a bit weird to ask..but I am totally captivated into the world of Bella and Edward and was wondering that since Bella is obviously a girl and has a menstruation cycle...umm during that "time of the month" isn't it harder for Edward? like if he was contemplating whether to kill her or not..and for other vampires..wouldn't that b uncontrollable if she was there like that?

This has been brought up before, and I used to wonder this myself, but no it doesn't have anything to do with it because blood from your menstruation cycle is "dead", so this does not affect Edward at all.

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The author's writing style is unimpressive. Not bad, per se, but it wasn't giving me anything new. It all felt rather generic. Her vampires weren't bad - the "ultimate predators" and all that - but they were slightly ruined by her reasoning of why vamps can't go out in the sun. It's not because they'll burn up and die - it's because they glitter. That's right - these are GlamRock!Vampires. Their skin sparkles like pwetty diamonds, and we mortals would just be dazzled. I also can see how Bella never takes Edward seriously when he tells her he's dangerous and she shouldn't want to be cursed with vampirism. Honestly, the author never shows us anything negative about the condition. It's all quick reflexes, superiority and baseball games with the fam.

The plot is bogus. Four hundred pages of ill-conceived romance and then a quick 100 pages of worse-conceived conflict wherein a bad vampire takes a liking to Bella, too, and wants to eat her, so she proceeds to be cradled and protected by Eddikens and Family until she pulls a dumb donkey stunt and almost dies but doesn't because that would be sad. The romance, to put it frankly, is a little disturbing in how it borders on the obsessive, especially on Bella's side. He spends days questioning her about every little thing she likes and dislikes (which is a TOTAL female fantasy that will never happen whether the boy is undead or alive). She asks him about being a vampire. And the rest is all surface-based. Because he's just so, so, so beautiful! I have a feeling that if they just had a shag, the infatuation would be O-V-E-R.

And that's what bothers me the most about this book and the message that it sends to all of its rabid readers: the importance of beauty. Not inner beauty, either. Edward and his wonderful vampire family (all of whom are good because they don't feed on humans) are described over and over again in all of their wonderful physical qualities. They're cardboard characters for us to admire. Bella, of course, doesn't think of herself as beautiful, but the fact that she has four other boys in addition to the vampire falling all over themselves to please her begs to differ. I was willing to forgive the beauty of the vampires as a trait they acquire when they're turned, but a few others turn up later that are described as "nondescript" and ordinary-looking. And of course, they turn out to be the bad guys. Really, Stephanie Meyer? This is what you're giving teenage girls to feed their minds on? That if they pout and preen and turn their noses up at common teenage things like normal friendships and frivolous talk and dances, then a witty, talented, tender, intellectually deep, noble vampire boy will whisk them off and turn them into the undead? That this is to be hoped for?

I'm not buying it. Or your sequels for that matter, Ms. Meyer. And let me tell you something else: from the sound of your future books (turning a trilogy into a series, rewriting book one from Edward's point of view, etc.), you're exhibiting all the signs of not being able to kill your darlings. Kill them, Ms. Meyer. Kill them before they reach adolescence and hate you very much.

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melting into you wrote:I have a question as well. If this is in the wrong thread forgive me. I looked in the main questions and didn't find this question.

Since Bella faints at the sight of blood, if she gets turned does that come into it or once a vampire that hunger takes over, especially newborn?

Again sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I was telling in other forum about this, I think that because of her repultion to blood, when she becomes a vampire she might want to hunt something else or someone else. She expresses how much she loves the way Edward smells.
I know it sounds crazy, but that would be a huge twist, maybe the blood thing would be part of her power and how vampires can use their powers tours her.
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I have a question and I am not sure it has been asked before. What happened to Emmett at the end of the book? They break into parties to get Bella out Esme and Rose take the truck, Jasper and Alice take Bella, and Mr. C. and Edward are the hunting party. She makes no mention of where Emmett went?


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I was wondering that too! I DO have a few questions of my own though......

Vampires can't feel warmth OR cold..yet, when bella and edward are in the clearing, he says it feels good when shes running her fingers over his arm. Also, she says that his face is unusually warm (since hes usually ice cold)...

As for bella's 'power'...I was thinking her power would have more to do with the fact that nothing can affect her mind (when it comes to OTHER vampires' powers) so this made me believe that when (or if ever) bella becomes a vampire, she won't have the issues that the others did when they were 'newborns' because her mind wont be affected by the venom. She might feel pain, but she'll be able to control it better? Any thoughts?

On a side note..
In the epilogue of Eclipse, S. Meyer shows Jacobs thoughts as he runs away (thank goodness, he kept getting in Edwards way! what a pain!). This makes me think that shes going to bring him back in the 4th book...but I just don't want him to try to get in Bella and Edwards way AGAIN. He was such a brat...he needs to stop trying so Bella and Edward can be together peacefully!!

Okay. That is all.

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okay so the apple for twilight means the forbindin fruit and bella takes a bit out of the fruit so that is edward and then they have all these problems after that bit out of life :P :shock: :D
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