Chapter 19 ~ Goodbyes

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1. What did you think tactic Bella uses to get out of her house? Does she go too far?

i think that she did what she needed to do. didnt think she went to far, she was only doing what she did to keep charlie safe.

2. There is a lot of interraction among the Cullens. Aside from Carlisle, the one person who can get an upset Edward to listen is Alice. What do you think that says about their relationship?

that they are very close and that they trust each other. it seems that they are very close to each other in a brother/sister way.

3. Why do you think Laurent chose to leave James and Victoria and head to Denali?

would you really want to upset edward when you ere surrounded by his family? don't think i would. def a sensible thing to do, sitting out

4. Were you surprised that Jasper could felt that Bella was worth it. What do you think lead him to that conclusion?

well he is in tune with veryones feelings, so he must feel what edward does too. so he knows ho edward feels about bella and how she feels about him.
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