Chapter 18 - The Hunt

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1. We get our first glimpse of "real" vampires in this chapter. What was your impression of them as a group and as individuals? Did you connect the fact that their red eyes had to do with the type of blood they drank?

my first impression was one of danger, something about them seemed to give off that whole "i want to eat you vibe2
didnt think much about their eyes at teh time. tho it does make sence now that i look back at it.

2. To me, the book takes on a second sort of plot right here with the emergence of Bella being hunted and put in danger by someone other than Edward. Up until know, the book had a much different feel and rhythm. Do you get the same impression or did you feel something different?

it def got a lot more exciting at that point. and a lot more fast paced.

3. On page 383, Alice says that there is another option than just running away, which angers Edward into saying, "There-is-no-other-option." What's your take on this moment and what do you think that other option is?

my first thoughts were that they should change her into a vampire :) but for me that was obvious from a little earlier in the book.

4. Do you think that Bella had the best plan? Do you think things would have worked out better had they gone with Edward's plan? Considering how things worked out, do you ahve suggestions over what they shuld have done differently at this point?

i think bellas plan was the best. but i think that they should have kept bella at the cullens house. it is well defended and they then could have saved the whole hassle with "falling out a window"
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