potter fan to twilight =]

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potter fan to twilight =]

Post by hermione »

Hello everyone! I've been a Twilight fan for almost a year now, and although I've frequently visited the Lexicon as a guest, I've decided to join as an official member 'specially because of the less-than-20 days left till Breaking Dawn!!!

Where are you from?
I am from New Jersey, really, not Hogwarts =] though I wish. Heck, I'd even take Forks!

What are your interests?
I was a Harry Potter fan since I was eight. My dad read them to me until I could read them to him. Now I'm about twice that age, there are no more Harry Potter books to be released (that we know of) and I've joined the Twilight fandom too =]
I also love love love music. Any kind of rock will suit me just fine, yet I was a fan of Debussy before I read Twilight.
I also love to draw, create, paint, sculpt, you name it.
The only interests I can find that I have in common with Hermione Granger are reading and house-elf rights.

How did you get hooked on the Twilight series?
I just picked it up off the bookshelf, looking for something to read, and went back to the store the next day to get New Moon.

Who is your favorite minor character (meaning not Edward or Bella) and why?
Probably Mike =] he's just so sweet, and he seems like he could be a loyal, typical, understanding boyfriend...but for anyone except Bella. If there were no Edward Cullens or Jacob Blacks (or Ronald Weasleys and Harry Potters) then I'd definately choose Mike!

How did you find the Lexicon?
Last year ;) on Stephenie Meyer's site.
I'd been coming here and just reading everyone's posts and such, when I just decided, what the heck? why aren't I a member??

hermione :wink:
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

welcome to the lexicon!
see you around the boards
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Post by SageMoon »

Hello there!

Welcome to the Super Awesome Lexicon!

I'm Audrey (one of my many names) or you can call me Sage
You're going to love it here, it is fun & very addicting!
Everyone is super friendly and it's real easy to jump right into the discussions.

See you around! :D
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Post by nissanmama »

Welcome to the home of the happily obsessed! We love having new addicts post...it makes the rest of us feel more normal.

Check out the Newcomer's Guide, it's really helpful for navigating the site. Stephenie's Personal Correspondence is a must-read. I thought the timeline was really interesting too. Stephenie pops her head in here from time to time. You can use the search feature to find her posts. Her username is, amazingly, "Stephenie." Don't forget the "e".

See you around the boards!
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Post by CamberXite »

<center>Hey!! Welcome to the Lex! (:

PM me if you need anything yeah? Even if you just want to chat! *hehe* I'm always up for a chat! Image

See you around the boards! ♥

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Post by BoysfromBooks »

heyy! welcome!
hope to see you round the boards
i'm not exactly the best if you want to know everything but...i've been around

guess what i'm from nj too! that's awesome
i have another friend on the lex who's practically my neighboor
pm me sometime!
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Post by hermione »

Wow thanks guys for the warm welcome :P
I've got my sources now.

Hey, BoysfromBooks, thats awesome sure I'll PM you, maybe we live near eachother! After all, New Jersey sure isn't that big... :wink:
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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

Welcome to the Lex. See you around the boards :)

oh, and you can always PM me for anything..even just a chat!

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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Welcome to the Lex!

Hi, Im Hailey, PM me if you have any questions or you just want to chat.

Check out the Posting Regulations, the Newcomer's Guide & the Introduction Instructions to help you get started.

See you around, Have fun!

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Post by Dulce_Black »

Welcome to the lex!
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