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Hey there!

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:24 am
by testarossa
Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, I live in AZ.

I absolutely love the Twilight series, and have re-read them numerous times. =]

I love to read, I devour books.

I work at Borders Bookstore, and love it.

Oh, and I have a question for everyone.

At the release party for Breaking Dawn, I'm required to dress up, (we're having a costume party).

I'm thinking about dressing up as Alice. Any suggestions as to what I could wear? =]


Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:28 am
by SageMoon
Hello Sarah!

Welcome to the Super Awesome Lexicon!

I'm Audrey (one of my many names) or you can call me Sage
You're going to love it here, it is fun & very addicting!
Everyone is super friendly and it's real easy to jump right into the discussions.

See you around! :D

Welcome Newborn!

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:32 am
by Alice's Twin Sister
Welcome to the Lexicon newborn friend! I am so glad to see you've joined our happily obsessed group! Have fun and see you around the forums!

hahaha yeah we're haing a prom party at our local barnes and nobles bookstore! 9 of us from my job are dressing up for it... imagine 9 of us 30somethings nad older going in prom gowns some of is in full vampire makeup! it's going to be a blast! :D

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:34 am
by testarossa
Thanks Audrey!

And, Alice's Twin Sister, that sounds like a blast! =] What do you plan on wearing? I'm thinking a long black dress. Something elegant.

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:38 am
by CamberXite
<center>Hey!! Welcome to the Lex! (:

PM me if you need anything yeah? Even if you just want to chat! *hehe* I'm always up for a chat! Image

See you around the boards! ♥

✖ Camber ✖

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:59 am
by Twilight<3
Hello! Welcome to the lex, where the thoroughly obsessed come to "quench their thirst" to talk about the Twilight series... or anything at all in the Flight to Phoenix forum.

I hope you enjoy it here and hope to see you around the boards. Feel free to PM me anytime. :)


Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:41 am
by Edward's Vampheart
Hey Sarah!

Welcome to the Lex!

I'm Edward's Vampheart but you can call me Vampeh :lol: .

PM me if you need anything.

Vampeh :wink:

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:26 am
by Bella_S_Black
welcome to the lexicon!
see you around the boards

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:27 am
by ~I have his silent heart~
Hey, Welcome to the twilight Lex where we all come to satisfy our twilight obsessions. Have fun browsing all the fantastic topics, be sure to join in... everyone is lovely! PM me if you have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you around the boards :D


Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:34 am
by Bella_Cullen_13
Welcome to the Lex!

Hi, Im Hailey, PM me if you have any questions or you just want to chat.

Check out the Posting Regulations, the Newcomer's Guide & the Introduction Instructions to help you get started.

See you around, Have fun!