Hi all vampires, werewolves, and people stuck between!!

If you are new to the Lexicon, your first post should be here. Introduce yourself to the other members of the community, and learn about our posting guidlines.
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Hi all vampires, werewolves, and people stuck between!!

Post by mullinthecullens »

Hi! I'm Adrienne and I'm so happy to be part of the Lexicon!!

I've been debating for awhile whether I can handle the emotional overload of sharing this Twilight obsession on the site, but I can't stay away any longer. :D

I hope to meet lots of Twilight fans and anyone going to Comic-Con in San Diego this year specifically for Twilight.

I just picked up Twilight this spring and was an immediate addict. I've never felt such a strong obsession. I immediately started going to as many Twilight-related events as I can.

Just last week, I got back from Washington where I got to spend time in La Push, the Hoh rainforest, and Forks. I love having my own memories and pictures to connect with the books, but I hated leaving. Stephenie Meyer really found a great location for the books.

Anyone have good La Push photos? It was actually in the 70s and 80s while I was there and clear skies, but fortunately it got nice and cloudy one day on the La Push beaches-- 3rd beach is the best!

I'm rereading the saga right now (once again :wink: ) to refresh my memory for Breaking Dawn. Do you have any recommendations for must-listens, or must-knows, or must-dos while reading the books?

Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!
Adrienne =]
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Post by ChristineAnn »

Hey Adrienne! :D


You'll love it here.
Im Christine, PM me if you have any questions.

See you around the boards!
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Post by tk »

hey!!! welcome to the lex!!!!

yes well it is a pretty cool site! lol :D and wel i hope you enjoy!!!! pm me i fu have any questions or just want to chat!!
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Post by xoxocamille »

Welcome to Twilight Lexicon!

Hey Adrienne! Omgosh I'm in love with your name! :D

Don't worry, you'll be able to handle the Lex just fine. There's lots of nice people here to meet as well.

If you're planning on going to the Comic Con, you can meet other people who are going there too, if you head over the to Hollywood Hideout board, there's a Comic Con Meet Up thread over there. (:

And you just went to Forks? Omgosh, that's amazing! I'm planning on going to Forks too, in a couple of years from now, and actually me & my friend here on the Lex are planning on visiting it together.

Hmm, must-listens? Well, I don't really know good ones myself, but there is The Bella Cullen project, if you've never heard of them, they're 3 girls who formed a band, and they have really amazing songs. (: They're very talented. Hehe. And must-do's... uh, I don't really know, but if you're planning on going to any BD release parties it's good to brush up on your Twilight knowledge by answering the Twilight Trivia questions over on the Release Party Plaza board. I think that covers pretty much everything you asked. :D

The Lex is super addicting, so brace yourself! It's loads of fun though, especially when you start posting here and there.

By the way, I'm Camille. Don't hesitate to PM me about anything, 'kay?

Seeeeee you around the boards! (:
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Post by SageMoon »

Hello Adrienne!

Welcome to the Super Awesome Lexicon!

I'm Audrey (one of my many names) or you can call me Sage
You're going to love it here, it is fun & very addicting!
Everyone is super friendly and it's real easy to jump right into the discussions.

See you around! :D
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Post by renge-kun »

Hi! I'm Rei - I think I joined a minute or two after you!

Wow, how amazing that you were able to go to Washington and look at the setting. I would love to be able to go there someday. I've wanted to live in Seattle for several years now, so now I have somewhere else to poke around when I do!

Very jealous that you're going to Comic Con. ^_^ I hope you have a great time - you definitely have to tell us what happens!
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Post by mariaferzillah »

Hello Adrienne! I have a friend with your name!
See you around in the Lexicon!
You'll get hooked soon enough!
Now, why don't you read the Newcomer's Guide?
Or increase your rank by posting?
Need help?
Private Message (PM) me, of course!
Good luck, have fun!
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

welcome to the lexicon!
see you around the boards
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Post by MarriedToEdward »

Hi Adrienne!

Welcome to the Lexicon. I'm new as well, and I'm loving it. It's a safe place for my addiction. :)

I'm so jealous that you've been to Forks and LaPush! Wow, you have to tell me more about that!!!

Happy posting and PM me any time!

- Izzy

I have to wait till August 4th for the release of Breaking Dawn, so if you don't see me until the 5th, you know why!
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Post by Edward's Vampheart »

Hey Adrienne!

Welcome to the Lex!

I'm Edward's Vampheart but you can call me Vampeh :lol: .

PM me if you need anything.

Vampeh :wink:

Thanks to mz.cullenn for my awesome banner!

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