Hello people, fresh blood over here

If you are new to the Lexicon, your first post should be here. Introduce yourself to the other members of the community, and learn about our posting guidlines.
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Hello people, fresh blood over here

Post by Margo »

Hello, I'm Margo, now 16 years old (17 on may 5) and of course Twilight obsessed,
Where are you from? I am from the beautifull country Holland/The Netherlands, you know, that small, rainy country with all the tulips? :) (in real life there are not that much tulips)
What are your interests?
Well, of course I love reading, mostly Twilight, but also books like Eragon.
How did you get hooked on the Twilight series?
It was in my library at the new arrivals, first I didn't like the idea, with the vampires and stuff, but I decided I could at least try it, very happy I did that :D :D
Who is your favorite minor character (meaning not Edward or Bella) and why?
Eeeh, that's a hard one, I love them all :D but I think I love Alice and Jasper the most, Alice because she's very enthousiast and Jasper because he's mysterious 8)
How did you find the Lexicon?
Well, first I just looked every week at Stephenie's site, but then I found out how great the fansites are 8) and of course the Lexicon is one of my favourites, I check it every morning, afternoon and evening :D Keep up the good work guys :!:

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Post by nissanmama »

Welcome to the home of the happily obsessed! We love having new addicts post...it makes the rest of us feel more normal.

Check out the Newcomer's Guide, it's really helpful for navigating the site. Stephenie's Personal Correspondence is a must-read. I thought the timeline was really interesting too. Stephenie pops her head in here from time to time. You can use the search feature to find her posts. Her username is, amazingly, "Stephenie." Don't forget the "e".

See you around the boards.
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Post by ~*~EdwardAddict~*~ »

Welcome to the Lex! Can't wait to see you around the boards.There is some really good reading here. Jump on in. Don't worry, we don't bite.
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Post by happy_alice »

hey margo! welcome to the lex! see you around the boards!
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Post by vampireartist »

hey welcome to the site. feel free toask questions or pm me any time. have fun.
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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Hey Margo

Welcome to the Lex!

Wow holland thats sad aobut the tulips lol. Well i hope you enjoy posting. Check things out and have fun!
Love Always

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Post by Elena Cullen »

Hello! Welcome to the Lex! I'm Elena...feel free to PM me at anytime~ I hope to see you around the boards...happy posting!

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Post by twilight_addict_13 »

Hey Margo!!
Netherland...thats interesting!!!
Well, have fun looking around!!
Welcome to Lexicon. Feel free to
private mess. me!
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Post by virginiax7 »

Hi Margo :) I'm Virginia, and welcome to the Lexicon! :)
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Post by Twilight<3 »

Hello! Welcome to the lex, where the thoroughly obsessed come to "quench their thirst" to talk about the Twilight series... or anything at all in the Flight to Phoenix forum.

I hope you enjoy it here and hope to see you around the boards. Feel free to PM me anytime. :)
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