Newcomer's Guide to Twilight Lexicon

If you are new to the Lexicon, your first post should be here. Introduce yourself to the other members of the community, and learn about our posting guidlines.
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Is my avatar too big?

Post by JessB »

I made it 200 x 200 pixels as instructed but its embarrasingly large... help! Please!
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Post by dragon-girl »

It seems fine now, JessB. I guess you fixed it?
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Post by x-Shadow-x »

I have a quick question? How do I post an actual topic thing, I'm confused :(

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Post by ~*Evenescence*~ »

i just want to see how my icon and sig looks Lol


[img][/img] [img][/img]
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Post by Edward_Lover_<3 »

hey im new here and i have a question.

on the new kid in town thing how come some of the replies have a red paper looking thing and a sun looking thing next to it? what does it mean?

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Post by (reluctantly) human »

hiya. i noticed that some people have comments in their sig such as "member of Team (character)"

i REALLY want to be a member of Team edward :D :D *daydreams and gets sidetracked* oh, um yeah and i was wondering how i do that :?
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Post by Alcyone »

Edward_Lover_<3 wrote:hey im new here and i have a question.

on the new kid in town thing how come some of the replies have a red paper looking thing and a sun looking thing next to it? what does it mean?
That means it's a new post/topic.
x-Shadow-x wrote:I have a quick question? How do I post an actual topic thing, I'm confused :(
Outside of New Kid in Town, A Drive in the Aston Martin and Accident Prone, you can no longer post new topics. To have a new one, you have to request a topic.

To create a new one in one of the boards you can, just click the black button labeled New Topic at the bottom of each board.

(reluctantly) human wrote:hiya. i noticed that some people have comments in their sig such as "member of Team (character)"

i REALLY want to be a member of Team edward :D :D *daydreams and gets sidetracked* oh, um yeah and i was wondering how i do that :?
They're not actual closed teams that require initiations involving public humiliation. Just tack it onto your signature to show your love for a specific character.
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Post by AlexanderJamesCullen »

extensive rules. I like this place. it feels all homey and warm...or cold if thats more vampirery and thus more cool. crazy internet...

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Re: Newcomer's Guide to Twilight Lexicon

Post by saraelise »

Alcyone wrote:Hey, welcome to the Lex! Here's couple of links and hints to find your way around. Any questions or comments can be PMed to me or posted on the thread.

If you have any questions or things you think should be addressed here, just tell me and I'll add them!

Green indicates main thread. Purple are other threads that provide more information.

1. Firstly, a couple of rules. Double-posting (posting twice in a row even if you wanted to add something later) is not allowed and neither are one-word posts. To avoid double-posting when you want to add something else, just click the link at the top-right corner of your post that says Edit and you'll be able to edit your post. IM/Chat like posts same. They suck bandwith. I also suggest you don't quote everyone above you and reply with one sentence. If you need quotes, trim off all the unnecessary parts. And make sure your posts contribute to the topic. Very important, don't post just for the sake of posting. The moderators and other posters hate it and your posts will just be deleted anyway. Not worth it.

2. Ranks.

Ranks are titles under your avatar. The first one is Settled in Forks and they change as your post count increases. (Here's where the above rule to not post just for your rank to change comes in). There are also Special Ranks awarded to Lexiconers who have stood out in some positive aspect. Don't ask for a Special Rank; you won't get it and you'll just annoy Pel and Alphie.

3. Search.

Wonderful, wonderful object. And in case you can't find what you're looking, Mayde is our resident tracking goddess. Ask her here and, chances are, she'll find it for you or knows exactly what happened to it. That thread also has links to frequently asked questions and the more popular threads so it's an excellent place to start from.

4. Avatars and Signatures

There are strict rules concerning these. Avatars must be 200x200 pixels and the signatures (not banners--this means the ENTIRE signature box) must be 2.5 pixels high. Or 2in by 2in and 2.5 inches high. Avatars can be put up by going to your profile, scrolling down to Avatar Control Panel and choosing one of three ways to upload your avatar. The best one, for me, is Link to Off-Site Avatar where you put the full URL address of the image you want. There's also a thread with pictures and instructions here. For signatures, it's similar.

a) How do you stick an image in the signature box?

Code: Select all

It's also easier if the image has been uploaded to a website like Photobucket. There, the formatting is already done for you. Just copy and paste.

b). How do you make an image into a hyperlink?

There are two ways to go but here's the one I found works on this forum.

Code: Select all

c). How do you make word into a hyperlink?

Similar to above.

Code: Select all

[URL=http://URLoflink]Words you want to be the link[/URL]
You can also request avatars or banners here. Vesperarium is it's name, managed by our own Cornie. To view the galleries, you must register but there are some really talented artists there.

5. Forks-Casts

These are the Twilight Lexicon podcasts. Excellent to learn more info about the books, know a bit more about our administrators or just a good laugh.

6. Twilight Fanfiction and Fanart

This is an exclusive archive managed by Pel that houses some of the best Twilight fanfiction and fanart (I'm on here!). All the stories here in-canon (with the exception of the Alternate Universe section which is excellent, by the way), with good plot and excellent characterization. The art is simply beautiful. A definite must see.

7. Request a Topic From the large amount of new members, the admins disabled creating new topics by regular posters to control the amount of topics being created and keep them from being repeated. If you have an idea for a thread and have already searched for it and found none like it (you can ask Mayde if you can't find it yourself), then go here and make a new post with the thread you'd like created.

8. The boards.

a) For the Accident Prone

Any problems or questions, this is the place to go. Just start a new thread with your problem as the subject and wait for someone to answer. BEFORE starting a thread, read through the threads already there to see if your question has already been answered since, chances are, it has been.

b) Quench Your Thirst

This is thread is for discussion of the Twilight Series and goes from funny to serious and philosophical.

c) A Run Through the Woods, a chapter-by-chapter discussion of Twilight, From Forks to Italy and Back, chapter-by-chapter discussion of New Moon and Sparkling in the Sun, a discussion of Twilight Characters.

d) Hollywood Hideout

Discussion of Twilight Movie. There are some specific rules for this board because, last time, the board exploded.

e) Flight to Phoenix

Off-topic Discussion, which means you can talk about anything here. This does not mean you have permission to go wild and crazy here, though. Same rules as elsewhere apply.

9. Private Messages

To send a private message, you can either click the link under the person's post that says "Private Message" or go to their profile where the link will be to the right. Once you click it, a new page opens where you just type in a subject in the subject line, your message in the body then click send just as you would typing a post.

You can also access your inbox by clicking the link to the top of every page that says "You have no (1, 2, etc) private messages". Once there, click on New Post near the bottom and the page opens to send a PM. Just type in the person's username* and subject and text and you're done!

*If you're not sure of the username, click Find a Username in the new PM page. If you were unsure of my name, you could type Alcy* and a scroll-down list of names beginning with those four letter would come up or *one and names ending with those letters come up. Then, just click the name of the person it is you want and the name will immediately appear as the receiver in the new PM page. This can also be used in Search when looking for someone.
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Whats the difference?

Post by The Vamptastic Fanpire »

[color=white]Hi! I was wondering what the difference is between a post and a thread. :wink: Are they the same thing, or are the something different?
--The Vamptastic Fanpire

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