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by tanzanite
Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:07 pm
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: Share Your Eclipse Signing Experience
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I just went to the signing in Seattle last night, and it was pretty cool. It was at a high school, as there were a LOT of people, and they had us all sit in this huge auditorium. The best question that got asked was "when did Leah become a werewolf," because Stephenie answered with more than what th...
by tanzanite
Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:53 pm
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: Favorite Chapter
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I chose Fire and Ice. I just love all the interactions between Edward and Jacob! Also, I'm glad that Jake got to see inside Edward's head for a while. I felt like he was really missing a lot of information, what with thinking of Edward as just being an emotionless rock, so it was nice to see Edward ...
by tanzanite
Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:39 pm
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: DND-SM-Change of Narrators: What did you think?
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I really liked the epilogue with Jacob's perspective at the end of Eclipse. It totally changed the feel of the story, and I'm guessing that Jake's disappearance will play a part in Breaking Dawn. I'm a bit wary of two narrators in Breaking Dawn, but I think Stephenie would be able to pull it off. Of...
by tanzanite
Wed Aug 08, 2007 1:11 pm
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: Eclipse Misprints
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I didn't really notice any typos or anything in my copy, but my sister had a bunch of pages missing in hers. It went from page 568 to 601! Luckily, I had already gotten past page 601, so we just traded copies.
by tanzanite
Mon May 14, 2007 9:38 pm
Forum: Flight To Phoenix
Topic: RENT!
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I really wish I could go see Rent at the Paramount! I saw Wicked there last September, and it was awesome! It would be sooo cool if I could see Rent, too. The movie was pretty good, but it's gotta be even better on stage.
by tanzanite
Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:52 am
Forum: Flight To Phoenix
Topic: Blood and Chocolate
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I really wouldn't recommend seeing the movie, especially if you've read the book. I honestly don't see how they could even say that it was based on the book by Annette Curtis Klause. It's insane! And Gabriel was totally not hot, in my opinion. And he had a 20 year old son! How wrong is that, when in...
by tanzanite
Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:43 am
Forum: Flight To Phoenix
Topic: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fans!
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Spike is definitely my favorite character from BtVS. I'm totally in love with him (though of course Edward is higher in my opinion). He is just so cool! Most of the characters have had some funny lines, but I think Spike has the most. I agree with Kirsten11 , that "Hush" was the scariest e...
by tanzanite
Tue Jan 23, 2007 1:27 am
Forum: Flight To Phoenix
Topic: Singers, raise your voices!
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I'm a soprano and I looove singing! I'm not extremely and fantastically talented at it, but I'm not bad either. Eeek, but I've got a singing competition on Saturday that I'm totally not ready for. :shock:
by tanzanite
Sun Jan 07, 2007 8:32 pm
Forum: Flight To Phoenix
Topic: Dorks United!
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I'm a total dork, as well as a major bookworm. I'm always ranting about some book or other to someone, whether they want to hear about it or not. It's great. My mom loves to call me a dork, too, but I always call her a dork back, so we're even. Dorks rock! i went to my mom's friends birthday party l...
by tanzanite
Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:28 am
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: do you think your mind is on AM and not FM?
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I think I'd likely be under the AM category. My thoughts aren't very coherent, and they always take off in strange directions, faster than the rest of me; a lot of times while I'm talking, I'll forget what I'm saying, because my thoughts have gone way ahead. I hope that I'm in the AM category, becau...