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by Ettie
Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:23 am
Forum: Quench Your Thirst
Topic: When did you first suspect the Cullen's secret?
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I was a Buffy and Angel buff so I got used to that whole type of vampire mythology and knew right away that the Cullen's were the vampires (and from reading the blurb). But I asked myself 'How can they be out in the day time?', but really I enjoy Stephenie's outtake on vampire so much more than the ...
by Ettie
Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:18 am
Forum: Breaking Dawn
Topic: What would Bella's 'GIFT' be?
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I'm randomly pulling this out of the air. I was thinking if Edward can't hear Bella its like she has this blocking mechanism in her subconscious. So if this were enhanced she could block any/all powers selectively. For example if Jasper wanted to calm anyone who were in a frenzy Bella would be able ...