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Post by PEL »

Well, realizing that people may have extra tickets and people may need tickets, it seemed like a good idea to set up this thread. We did this last year and it worked out at EProm.

So here are the rules. If you have tickets that you are trying to get rid of post a message here on this thread that says the following:

Name of location:

Number of tickets available:

Amount wanted for the tickets:

Contact email:

Once someone makes contact and the deal is done, edit your post to read "tickets no longer available".

If you need tickets, and I'm sure a lot of people do need tickets, please don't post a request because honestly the thread will just get really cluttered and no one will be able to find anything. So keep a lookout and see if someone is offering something you need.

For legal reasons, I have to state that the Lexicon assumes no responisbility for these deals. We are not endorsing anyone posting a ticket. This is a strictly at your own risk venture.
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Post by joanne »

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Post by iM bEtTiNg On AlIcE ;] »


I do have an extra ticket but I'm not sure what my mom wants to do with it yet. If you only need one I'll PM you when/if my mom lets me.
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Post by wspcrystal »

Name of location: Los Angeles signing

Number of tickets available: 1

Amount wanted for the tickets: this is my good friends ticket so if you are intrested contact me and i will find out what she wants for it

Contact email: or pm me here
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Seattle BD signing

Post by SpunkRandsomMom »

They are sold.

Chrystina :)
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Seattle Tickets for Sale!!

Post by naalways99 »

Name of location: Seattle/ Founders Tier/ Box H seats 5-6

Number of tickets available: 2

Amount wanted for the tickets: I need atleast the minimum paid for the tickets, taxes and shipping charged by ticketmaster. But since these are great seats, I am taking the best offer.

Contact email:

Just cant make it to Seattle. They are great seats in the Founders Tier. :D
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Post by Luv_edward4ever »

nevermind once againnnn....=/

for the Los Angeles Breaking Dawn Concert (august 7)...

1 ticket sadly now--$50 (for all the ticketmaster extra fees +shipping and handling and the paypal fees...[buyer need a paypal account to make payments...]
so yeah thats the minimum I can sell them for =/

yup yup... last ticket!!!!!! =D

contact at if intrested

psh. I soooo invented this...
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Extra ticket--Chicago

Post by loveatfirstsite »


Location: Chicago

Number of Tickets: 1

Amount: Initial fee of 22 dollars, plus any shipping charges and paypal fees. You MUST have a paypal account to buy ticket.


The seats are very good, and I'm offering you a chicago ticket, which was difficult to get due to the website crashing and phone lines being busy.
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Post by Bex »

Hi...i might POSSIBLY need to get rid of my tickets for NYC...I'm not sure if this thread is going to stay open after the boards close, so if you are interested, you can e-mail me and if I can NOT go, I will contact the first peron who gets back to me...but it might be a few days before I know for sure...

once i have 5 - 10 responses (just to be safe), I will delete this post. thanks!
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BD concert tour extra tickets

Post by dominique »

Name of location: Seattle, WA

Number of tickets available: 2

Amount wanted for the tickets: $100 or best offer

Contact email:

We are selling the two extra tickets through ebay: ... dZViewItem
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