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Post by Alphie »

Use this place to discuss Kyle from The Host!
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Post by The Brisbane Covern »

Did anyone else relate Kyle to most of the people they know, stubborn, arrogant, horrible, unforgiving, can't be wrong and unfathomably selfish..... I mean he's done nothing but try to kill Wanda the whole way through the book then suddenly *without asking* Wanda's helping him out yet AGAIN! I think he's whats wrong with our human race hahaha.... stupid Kyle I'm glad Jodie didn't come back. That was the best bit of punishment there, he ended up with a Host hahaha :lol:
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

Well, except for the part when he tried to kill Wanda, I thought Kyle was a very interesting character!

Very stubborn, agressive, and immature though...

I thought it was so ironic that he hated Wanderer for so long, and yet he ends up with Sunny :P (That is, unless Jodie comes back... but I kind of hope she doesn't!)
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Post by Marcy »

I loved Kyles bullheadedness. I LOVED LOVED LOVED his "life for a life" bit, too.

He, to me, is the "Billy Black" of this story. Yeah, he hates Wanda for what she is...he has REASON, too. The boy had guts to keep up the string of assination attempts at the threat of his own life...

Where he began makes where he ended that much more touching. :)
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

He is just like my friend Kyle from school! And his best friends name is Ian! AND Kyle and Ian are always picked first for captains! Freaky....but I still love Kyle! Even though he tried to kill Wanda!
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Post by spoiled_rotten_princess »

"I'm not the one with a crush on a worm."

That pretty much sums Kyle up for me. He cracks me up. I don't see him as evil... Think about it: if Melanie hadn't come back at all, he's basically what Jared could EASILY have become. Hateful, bitter, and ready to kill every soul he meets. Looking at his relationship with Ian, you can see traces of the old Kyle--the one we don't know--in there. He's more complex than I first thought.

Oh. And I'm a FULL Kyle/Sunny shipper. I really hope Jodi doesn't return, and I doubt she will. I think that the fact that Kyle instantly bonded with Sunny shows that he has a heart. Plus, I love how Stephenie describes them. A kitten with a rottweiler.
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Post by Sunspot »

Okay, Kyle was a really bad guy.

But after seeing how he treated Sunny I have to forgive him. I was really touched by his tenderness and I already guessed that they would end up together. He doesn't seem to be the type who worries too much about what's on the inside. After reading about his happy end with Sunny I can't help but think that he isn't very spiritual.
he's basically what Jared could EASILY have become.
Yeah, that's shockingly right. :(
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Post by verschreibsel »

Well I don't really like him. Well maybe at the end.
But he wasn't that important to me till he really tried to kill Wanda. Than I hated him. But I also thought that Wanda couldn't let him die and he shouldn't leave for nearly all the reasons she thought so (he's Ian's brother, he belongs there etc.).
But when we saw how bad he wanted Jodie back I could kind of understand why he hates the souls and Wanda so much. I don't think Jodie will come back and I'm happy that he has got Sunny who maked him see the other side of the souls. At least souls like Wanda.
Well he was funny in a few scenes but he isn't my favourite charcter. But I don't hate him anymore. He's just a guy who doesn't think things through.
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Post by Midnight_Fix »

I love how Stephenie turned Kyle's character around. At the beginning when Kyle tries to kill Wanderer I so would have been ok with him getting a much more severe punishment then he did. But I think his part in the story was a very important one in that he was used to show the strongest side against the aliens. And that by the end he held one of those canisters with Sunny's soul in it close to him and didn't let it out of his site. And then he ultimately gave Sunny Jodi's body back rather than have her shipped off the planet. He started out willing to kill any soul no questions asked to making the choice to put a soul in a human body and taking care of that soul personally. I think it's amazing.
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

The beginning, where Kyle is trying to kill Wanda, repeatedly, his character is very straightforward, motivated by his hatred toward Wanda because he sees her as part of the force who took Jodi from him. Then, it gets more complicated when she saves his life. He can't simply hate her, or at least, he can't do anything about it. He OWES her his LIFE. That's some major debt. I think its unfair to hate him, because he has full reason to want revenge on the souls, although he is a rude, stubborn, and obnoxious character.

Was anyone else reminded of Emmett at the ending with Sunny? The gentle giant, the kindness that is only visible when he has the opposite, fear, love, and peace, in his grasp?
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