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Request a Topic...

Post by Alphie »

Due to the high volume we are expecting here in the next few days we are running this forum a little bit differently than normal. The only people that will have access to start a new topic are administrators. If there is something that you would like to discuss that there is no thread for currently, please leave us a note here telling us about it. This is to avoid 100 people coming on and starting posts on the same topic.

Edited by BHG to add:
Before making a request be sure to use the Search Feature. If you can't find the topic you want then the next step is to visit the Search Feature Help thread. If the lovely ladies there can not find the topic you want then make the request on this thread.
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Post by shopping with alice »

Okay so I went to a signing on the tenth and I met stephenie and she saw that I was a lexiconer and told me to start this post:

topic: Jacob is not bad!

And then the intro post: I met Stepheine at a signing and she told me to tell all of you to stop Jacob bashing!! she said that Jacob is a crucial charater and without him the story would be less than satisfactory. She said that Bella is like her daughter and that she wanted her to look at all sides of the decision before she became a vampire, which meant seeing different kinds of love in action. She said that after jacob kissed bella, he laughed because he was so euphoric, not becasue he was making fun of bella or being mean in anyway! (she said more, but I was on a meeting-and-talking-to-stephenie-meyer high.)
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Post by starchild202 »

I would like to request a thread discuusing the meanings of different characters names and how they apply to the characters personality and their actions within the story. I don't know if this is something already being discussed, but when I did a search I didn't see it. Anyways, it could be intersting and I am not sure if belongs in this forum or in Quench your thirst. Well, let me know what you think. Oh and here are some examples. . .

Leah: Weary
Edward: Wealth protector
Jacob: Supplanted; held by the heel
Alice: Noble kind; of the noble sort
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Post by Nora »

I'm not *entirely* sure if this would belong here, or if it would go in the Chapter-by-Chapter of Twilight.... but I'm really intrigued by several situations highlighted in the chapter "Blood Type" (chapter 5, I think).
- First and foremost, Edward is surprised that Bella can smell blood, noting that this is impossible for humans. She disagrees.
- Edward notes that she doesn't seem like a junior in high school, and Bella agrees with this suggestion. I am also reminded of her concerns the night before she begins school, that she never quite seemed on the same page as anyone she knew. Why does she seem older or timeless already?
- While there is a specific impetus of Bella mentioning her mom, Edward asks more about Renee but then is quiet. This seems... important to me. But I don't know why, exactly.

I guess... it all comes down to wondering what makes Bella so different from other humans. We know that she has a very private mind, which is why those mental tricks can't affect her... but I'm wondering if somehow these things are related... like, if there is some way to have ancestors who were related to the vampires that eventually evolved (going with Edward's theory, there), and that is why she feels so different, looks so different, just flat out WORKS differently than anyone else. Like, is it biological? Or... yeah. Those kind of theories.
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Post by ethereal_eternity »

LMAO i just found this site...but can someone pm me about making a thread about it? it's a tiny bit "controversial", but a joke nonetheless, and i'd like to carry it out to it's full potential if possible.

I would need more information. To process the request.

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Post by eddyismymonster »

<strike>HI! I have seen several times, that some topic requests are just specific questions, so I thought that there could be a question thread, and if somebody knows the answer they could post it. It could be like a sticky in QYT. So?</strike>

Answer - Cocoa

You may generally just PM a Mod. But here is a thread that may come in handy.

Twilight Dictionary
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isabella 4th popular name in washington

Post by Aneesa »

just thought that was interesting... i saw it on the news just now. lol.

What exactly are you asking?
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Post by Edward's#1fan »

<strike>id like to know more about what everyone thinks about Sam he's so mysterious and no one knows that much about him it would make a great discussion!!!Thanx</strike>

Every Character has a thread in the Sparkling in the Sun Forum Sam
THis would be the place to discuss you thoughts about him.
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Post by Edward's#1fan »

<strike>i also agree the movie enchanted w/ prince EDWARD and Bella Note would make a good topic!</strike>

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Post by Finn »

<strike>What about a thread on how Edward always blames himself when Bella gets hurt?A discussion thread on Edward's self-blame and the theories of what caused it.</strike>

Use the Character discussion threads for this type of question. It is a cgreat place to discuss Edward as a character and makes him act that way.Edward

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