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Post by blackskies »

I think Bella is more mature, definitely- her voice is changed a bit, telling the story. But, I don't necessarily think that she's less immature, if you know what I mean. Bella's very mature in the first place- but her weird, crazy messed up life makes her decisions and her words seem rash or nonsensical, sometimes.

But she's definitely rooted in reality now. There wasn't any 'droool Edward is so perfect, beautiful, etc' stuff, which I like. Edward = not perfect, lol.

She seems very, very sure of herself. And that's a very mature thing that hardly anyone can do all the time.
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Post by ForEternity »

From the instant I starting reading the chapter, I could tell her tone and thinking is different.
It's wonderful that she has finally accepted the reality of what choosing Edward is. It's a little sad that she still misses Jacob, but I'm a team Edward person so i don't really care.

It seems like she's already lived twice her life and is ready to settle down.
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Post by Door_Hinge »

I definitely, definitely have to say that Bella's more mature. There were a lot of times in the first three books (moreso Twilight than any) where I had a serious love/hate issue with Bella. To me, she just acted dumb sometimes. I still loved her though - don't ask me how that works, it confuses me too. But, yes. Some of the things she did were really silly and immature, or, as in New Moon, flat out insane. I thought insane Bella was quite interesting, actually. But! I digress. Back to the topic.

It's easier to like her now that she's seemingly matured. But I have my doubts. I can't believe that through the entire reading of Breaking dawn we'll have a happy-go-lucky, teeny-bit-sad-about-Jake kind of Bella who won't hurt anyone. That girl has an uncanny ability to hurt people, including herself. I'm definitely expecting a few tear-jerking moments that could be avoided if she'd thought her actions through - it just seems inevitable to me. Especially when we consider her temper ("No, Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face," "Did you seriously just stamp your foot?," "I can't help it. When he gets all bossy like that, my natural teenage instincts overpower me.") - there'll have to be a few heated arguments in the book, I think. But I think she's grown enough that we won't have anything too childish (or at least, I like to hope so). Oh! I'm also expecting some kind of Jacob related drama that hurts all involved parties.
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Post by SonR »

I hope that the marure Bella can put the whole Jacob situtation in prospective. Maybe ubderstanding that he is still emotionally a sixteen year-old boy and will eventually move-on if she could leave him alone.
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Post by alpaca13 »

I noticed her tone as well. But maturity didn't really come to my mind...she sounded kind of depressed. The way she talked about that car was pretty negative. And when she talked about missing her favorite mechanic too. Then when she called Seth! I guess when you focus on all of that it sounds like she's not happy with her decision...but we all know she is. I just hope she doesn't sound this sad the whole book!
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Post by crystalhart »

^^I hope that she doesn't continue to sound this sad too. But i agree. Her tone has definately changed and I think that it is because she has learned that every good thing has a price and while this definately brings some new maturity it also brings a sense of sadness because her good thing (edward) has come with some definite consequences.
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Post by blackskies »

I think she's also really realized that she can't have everything. She tried to, in Eclipse- and all those moments were in the course of only a few days.

And you're right, Door_Hinge- Bella always tries not to hurt anyone but ends up hurting a lot of people.

But I like Bella =) She's a very unique human... handles things a lot better than any other teenage girl, haha. She's not shallow, and hardly petty.
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Post by Geo9797 »

I think that Bella has matured, but she still sees the damage of what she did before her maturity set in completely. Thats why she still sounds depressed because she knows she drove Jacob to Canada, where i hope he stays because i personally dont like him. :) You can definatly see that shes finally made a decision and that she plans to stick with it (at the moment). i like it also how shes acting very reasonable with Alice and Edward and everything. Shes goin with the flow.
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Post by Lunna-san »

She sounded sad to me. Maybe because of the distress of having that fancy car, big wedding and waiting. She made an agreement with Edward, guys, but this doesn't mean she'll be totally happy about it. The only thing that truelly matter for her, as she said to Charlie is Edward. The rest, car, dress, party. It doesn't matter. She'll endure anything to be with him. "sigh" Lucky girl.
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Post by Lady Elphaba »

First off, Geo9797, I was staring at your signature, thinking it was pretty... and then I realized the last picture was of Idina Menzel and I spit out my apple juice because I wasn't expecing her on this board.

OK, now I'm back on topic. I don't know if I got "mature" from the first chapter. I mean, I don't think she's any less mature than normal, but I don't think there was a big difference. She just sounded very sad and a little afraid.
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