Bella Growing more Mature

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Post by megsterbooklover »

I think Eclipse and New Moon really changed Bella. She got to fully explore what is is to be in love lose love, and be in love with two people at once. To go through all that genuinely, you have to come out changed. As someone said earlier, she also learned how to compromise. The Bella we met in Twilight was a 'middle aged' 17-year-old, but the Bella we know at the begining of Breaking Dawn is a 'middle aged', mature, understanding, 18-year-old who has loved and lost and kept. I think Renee truly understands that, that was made clear in her phone call. Even though she has only seen Bella three times since she moved away, I think she has truly seen the change in her, and seen that she is ready to 'settle down' and get married. :D
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Post by savingbella »

I am sure she still feels for Jacob but i do think she has finally matured enough to decide which guy/creature she will choose.
savingbella loves the Twilight series.
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Post by ashlee_cullen »

YAHHHHHHHHHH i just bought my special edition this morning at 9:00 (because thats when borders opened) it is freaking cool!!!! it has a team Edward and a Team Jacob iron of patch thing, and the reverse side of the book jacket has a print of the Breaking Dawn cover, and a small conversation between Edward and Bella printed on it. its freaking amazing. its hanging of my wall right now!!!
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Post by livie2k6 »

thank god bella ha matured

as others have said i think she will be more likeable in breaking dawn

but then again, being mature isnt always whats best is it?

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Post by edwardstruelove »

i think that she actually DID change a little bit. in a way, something about her made her seem older, i dont know what it is though. but she's still bella-- thats for sure. i guess we have to read the whole book to really be able to tell
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Post by mushroom_ravioli »

I noticed her change in tone really early on too. She sounds sadder and more grounded in she really has counted the cost, especially the Jake part of that. Reading the chapter--and Bella's tone--made me sad, because I haven't counted the cost yet. I'll sincerely miss my favorite mechanic.

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Post by diamond encrusted »

this has probably already been said but anyway...

Bella is maturing because she has chosen the path she will take. She's decided on what she wants in her future and knows i suppose in a way what the future holds. She's ready for all the obstacles and problems that she'll have to face in the future...she knows the consequences of he chosen path and she ready to face them.
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Post by LuckyBella »

I would almost describe her tone as... melancholy.

Melancholy resignation. But I am very glad she seems able to move on from the Jacob thing and focus on Edward.

I think at the wedding, Bella will start to lose some of that fear and dread and begin to actually enjoy herself. She will become more excited about her wedding, and more importantly, being with Edward forever.

But I'm just happy Bella has matured in her thinking process - she knows what she wants, she made her decision, and now she's making it happen.
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Post by JeVoisNotreEtoiles »

I really like that Bella is more mature. Maybe it is the grown up in me. But I think that it is great that she is finally letting Edward do all of these things like with the car, and the credit card without a lot of lip.
It is good to see a woman out there who holds to her morals, and does not go back on her word. Even if she regrets it a little bit.
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Post by SonR »

given what bella has been through in the last 2 years of her life, she'd finally processed it. we saw the hint of it at the end of EC when she was willing to get married and go along with edward's plan.

now she has to realise that she's leaving forks, so who cares about the gossip

someone was wondering, the card she is using in an AMEX Black, my friend has one, she said that they are heavier than other cards, it really hurt when she dropped it on her foot
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