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Edit... Sorry... I found what I was looking for. =)
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Post by Daithi »

Since there is a "Who would you chose? Edward vs Jacob" topic/poll, I would like to see a "Who would you chose? Bella vs Alice" topic/poll for us fellas.
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how about a "WHo do you think Leah or Seth will imprint on"
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I think we need one to discuss who Embry's father is.I know it's not essential to the story(yet)but it could be an interesting topic.
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Maybe something like this?:

What do you think was Charlie's reaction to Bella's new mercedes, credit card, and cellphone? You may also comment on anyone else's reaction, such as Renee or any of the wolves.
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I don't know where to post this, but um.. I was thinking of Twilight like always and I started wondering about Bella as a vampire,and Edward said in Twilight that human memories fade so does that mean Bella will eventually lose her human memories of Edward?

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Post by critical »

Hmm .. I was wondering if we could start a thread on Edward's faith. We've seen a brief view of it in Twilight, watched it progress and develop in New Moon and then watched the whole concept of it become so very important in Eclipse. Just seems like a topic I'm insanely immersed in, but nobody else seems to be :oops:
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i think there should be a thread about the songs that relate to bellas changing, ex. cassie or all around me by flyleaf. or athread just about bella as a vampire and her turning

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Can there be a thread about Rene getting pregnent in Breaking Dawn? That might affect Bella's change and could be interesting.

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The Cover?

Post by AmethystOrnella »

I was totally analyzing the cover. It was interesting that the most powerful chess piece, the Queen, was in the front and on the black square when they usually start on the white square. Also, there was the weakest peace, the pawn, that was in the background and out of harms way from the queens current position. At least that's what I'm guessing. Then again, the cover could have absolutely nothing to do with the book, like book two's cover ( New Moon).
However, since this is the last book, I think that the cover would be significant, kind of like the first.
I noticed a motif in the entire series where the story line is aften compared to a book. This one's compared to a Midsummer Night's Dream? I read it my freshman year last year and it wasnt very romantic. Not to me at least. Everyone was confused about who they were in love with. Fairies were playing tricks on everyone but in the end, it was happy, I guess. I dunno. Just venting my thoughts. :D
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