Costume Help Please???

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Costume Help Please???

Post by Vampire_gurl »

Ok, so me and my friend are going as members of the Volturi. Nobody special in it just a general Volturi member. So, we have cloaks that we are going to wear, but we were trying to figure out if the books ever mention what the Volturi wear under the cloaks. So, could anyone tell me if it does say?

And also, I was thinking of getting colored contact lenses and I wanted to know if they are easy and safe to use...I don't wear glasses nor do I need them, so if I got them they would be non-prescription. Please let me know if I should or shouldn't wear them.♥
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Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

The only Volturi clothes they describe besides the cloaks is Heidi (although she didnt even have a cloak) and then Aro, Marcus, and Caius had Robes on (I think Bella describes Aro's a little not sure). Also as long as you get contacts from a good site and people like it then they should work out good. Just dont go for some cheap cheap crappy contacts. lol.
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Post by dreamingoftwilight »

I'd be very careful, buying lenses like that off websites. Most of the time, the lenses are made-to-order, meaning that they measure the size of your iris (the coloured area) so the colour on the lense cover it or they do the same for the entire eyeball and they need to measure.

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Post by Twilight*Dreamer »

That's cool you're going as a Volturri. I would love to do that, but I don't have time to organize the making of the cloaks before then, so I'm planning on dressing up as the Volterri for the movie premiere instead. Just curious, how are you making the cloaks, or did you find a place to buy them? I have no idea how I'm going to go about it yet...

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