For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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If it's any consolation, at the Deathly Hallows release last summer, they gave out little keychains that had a red tastle and a gold plastic thing with 7/21/07 on it (the date of the release), so I imagine they'll give them out at the store if you didn't get one when you preordered it.
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Has anyone had any success in getting a bracelet yet?
If not, I bet they'll have them at the release party. It'd be weird if my B&N was the only one to have them.
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Re: prizes?

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IHeartSpunkRansom wrote:i heard that the publisher for breaking dawn is supposed to be sending prizes to barnes and nobles? thats at least what the lady at my barnes and noble said :\ any idea what shes talking about?? :? i have no idea what she meant by prizes...
i saw on the borders website that there giving prizez to! only if you play he games! anyway im going to borers xD :!:
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debussygirl wrote:Has anyone had any success in getting a bracelet yet?
If not, I bet they'll have them at the release party. It'd be weird if my B&N was the only one to have them.
I havent gone to ask about the braclets yet cause I havent driven that way but I'll go soon and ask. :)
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I think Borders stores are doing like the EXACT same thing. I know they have tee shirts, buttons, stickers, and some exclusive twilight candy is suppose to be coming in this week. ^^ We're making goodie bags at our store. (tehehehe my sister works there so i get to help, FUN xD ) And we're giving out the tee-shirts as like trivia prizes. And i think we're making braclets too? I think that's just at my store though. And i think the best part is going to be watching the trailer, gaw!!! Rpattz is amazing! ::gushing:: lolzzz
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I called my store and they said there was twilight trivia =], a thriller dance off, chess games, and they were decorating the kids department as La Push. fun fun.

They said...
and i think free books
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I wonder if they'll give me one when I buy the book the day of, unless they run out... But I'd rather have a poster, or a t-shirt or something like that...
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