Illinois Barnes and noble or borders

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Illinois Barnes and noble or borders

Post by L.Smart094 »

hey i was wondering if anybody lived anywhere near Edwardsville Illinois or anywhere nearby.I dont know if our borders or barns and noble is doing anything but im going to look into it.just wanted to know if anyone else was close in case they are.

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Post by emilycullenx »

I'm not exactly sure how close Springfield is to Edwardsville, but I'm going to the one in Springfield.
Have fun, where ever you decide to go! [:
If your city ends up not having one, come over to Springfield. :D
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Post by Twilight*Dreamer »

I know there's going to be one at the Walden's Book Store (they're part of the Border's company) at the Terre Haute mall and also another at the Waldens at the Mattoon Mall ^_^

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