NYC Nokia Theater Signing/Concert - Release Party Nearby?

For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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[quote="ShanaS"]Your best bet will be to take the subway (it won't let me write which subway because it's a single letter) from Times Square to Union Square because that's one hell of a walk. A cab would be good too.

NYC at night in a subway can be pretty scary. i go to the city all the time and its just not a good thing. trust me.

i'm going to suggest Union Square B&N (i was there for HP last year and it was so much fun and i'm 95% sure they're having one)

or the one up by Lincoln Center. its a little smaller than union square. but i was there for HBP and it was so much fun.

unfortunatly, i won't be at either. my moms like, "i understand the HP obsession, but i really don't understand this."

and i had tickets to nokia. GAH. not fair.


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NYC Release Party

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Hi Everyone....
Unfortunately, I had to work yesterday and didn't get tickets to the Nokia. :cry:
However, I live in NYC and do plan on attending the release party at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square. It's easy to get to by subway. Just take the DOWNTOWN 4,5, or 6 train from Times Square to 14th street/Union Square. It's on the other side of the park. Trust me, the subways are clean, bright and safe. I've taken them home at 3am. I've never had trouble.

Feel free to send me a message if would like any more info. I'm happy to help! :D
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Ok, for all of us going to the Nokia signing by train, there is a Borders right by Penn Station. I just called and they said that every Borders is holding a midnight release party. It's only about 8 blocks from Times Square, so it is easily within walking distance. And like OblivionsAngel1122 said, NYC at night is not as bad as you would think. Growing up so close to it, I've been there so many times. If you have any common sense, you can take care of yourself fine, either traveling by foot, bus, subway, or taxi. To all of us going to the signings, have fun! :D
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2 Borders nearby Nokia Theater

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Hi all --

Just to let you know, the Nokia Theater is in between two Borders stores -- one at Penn Plaza (8 blocks -- at 33rd St. & 7th Ave.), and one at Columbus Circle (in the Time Warner Center -- 14 blocks), and both stores will be open for midnight parties! Our store at 32nd St. & 2nd Ave. will be open as well.

To get to Penn Plaza, take the 1, A, C, or E trains to 34th St --one stop.
To get to Columbus Circle, take the 1, A, C, or E trains to Columbus Circle -- one or two stops, depending on the train.

There will be parties and festivities at all three stores!

Thank you, and see you there!

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im going to the nokia thing :):) i got the ticket luckily :)

ummm im hoping to go to the union party.
Ima go all out.
they keep me up at night
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The next day...

Post by princessrorie »

Last year, the day of the book release Stephenie was on GMA in NYC and alot of us were invited to go with her. Seeing as she will be in NYC the night before, does anyone know if she has planned anything like that for Breaking Dawn?

(Clearly we have tickets for the Concert series in the city, we just want to know if we should stay over night for a morning talk show performance!)
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As far as I know, there is no talk show date the next morning. If anything comes up, the Lex will probably be able to tell us. But she's stated before that this is a smaller tour because she's burnt out from all the touring she's had to do for the Host. Plus, she has to be in Chicago on August 5th for their date, so she'll probably want some down time.
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