Kansas City and KC metro

For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Kansas City and KC metro

Post by CafeEileen »

Hey everyone. I am from Kansas City, and I was wondering if there are going to be any realease parties for Breaking Dawn in the Kansas City area? Please reply if you hear of one! I so want to be there!
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Post by edward_jacob_obsessed »

I know of one in the Olathe Borders, im goin to the Lee's Summit Borders, uhm i think there will be one at the topeka borders... just go to borders.com and do search for store and then click on the closest store to you and there shud be a list of events/. hope this helped :)
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Kansas City-area release parties

Post by Grossest »

All the Kansas City-area Borders are having release parties (I know because I work there). I think at most of the stores they're scheduled to start at 9:30 that night. I'll be at the one at 91st & Metcalf. If you come to that one, ask for Kathleen! I'll be helping to run the party, so I should be easy to find.
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Post by sarahmc »

I was thinking about going to the Borders in Lee's Summit, but didn't really want to go by myself... :(
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