For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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shining_sunlight wrote:I'm looking for some makeup to make my face really pale, but I have no idea where to start looking. Any ideas?
Our target in hampton has a very good makeup section, your's probably does too. A good foundation in ivory or whatever the brand's palest shade in should work, i think :)
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Thank you! I'll have to look. :D
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What to wear....

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I just found this gorgeous dress two days ago at a store at the mall here, in tulsa. It was screaming at me to buy it, and its funny, because when I looked at it, it some what reminded me of Bella's dress in Twilight, so I got it, and it looks great on me.

Technically, I'm not going as anyone, but since I have brown hair, and a blue dress, except that I dont have brown eyes, I have blue eyes, I guess people would think I'm going as Bella, hmm... I wonder if there's going to be alot of people going to the one I'm going to, and if there will be ANY guys there at all.

I honestly dont want to look stupid going in there, with me just wearing a dress, its kind of of embarrassing knowing I'm not the dress wearing type. I dont really wear dresses, only to special occasions such as this one, the vampire prom and my own school's prom, is also this year as well. But I'm still excited anyway... hope everyone has fun at their's! ^_^
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Post by Cellano »

I really don't know what to wear. I'm thinking of just making a T-shirt again like I did with The Host signing, but I have no idea what to put on my shirt. I guess I'll just have to go brainstorm.
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HisLiquidTopazEyes wrote:I want topaz contacts, too! It seems like all the ones I've been looking at wouldn't make my eyes the liquid topaz I'm looking for. They're naturally light blue, and I think I would need to have darker eyes to pull off the more dramatic look I was hoping for. :cry:

But that sounds like a great get-up!
yep. same here. i have the blue eyes problem.

as for what i'm wearing, its a wedding reception theme for us, so i'm wearing a light blue blouse with a white cami and a white skirt. im also going to paint my nails blood red. :) ha ha!
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Post by vampluv78 »

im going as alice
im wearing a cute dress thats black and some black flats,
i was hoping to wear a hoodie or something over it to cover my tanned arms

for make up im going to put on some pale foundation with light eyeliner and light purple eyeshadow under my eyes.

although my eyes are blue im hoping to find some contacts that are gold... or black

if any one needs help pm me :D
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Post by kokori141 »

Yeah. I'm definitely going as Bella since I have most of the same features (minus eye color and slight differences in the face).

I'm either going to wear jeans and a blue sweater with my hair down. Or I was also thinking about a Newton's Outfitters uniform.

The Newton's Outfitters uniform would be awesome in my mind. I'm just wondering if it says anywhere in any of the books the uniform. I couldn't find anywhere (but I'm blind sometimes ha ha). If someone knows something let me know.

If not I was thinking like a hunter green polo with a Newton's outfitters logo that I'll embroider or something and a pair of khakis. Oh and a name tag of course!
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Post by vampluv78 »

the only thing i know aout the newtons outfitters uniforms is she wears a vest.
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Post by ItsaClassic »

Awe, this depresses me. There aren't any fat vampires! D:
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Post by vampluv78 »

i'm fat too, but thats why you wear black you look slimer in it
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