Release Party GAmes...beyond trivia

For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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this is not a game... or i guess you could make it a game...

but there could be music from Stephanie's playlist blaring thru speakers, but i've found in major bookstores (i used to work @ 1) they stream in idle music from their home office to all the stores - so the same song that's playing in a Books A Million in STL is the same song in ATL at that very moment.

someone could bring a stereo? and then you'll have control, and possibly strike up a "Stephanie's Musical Chairs" for prizes.

ALSO! i found this pretty cool... i was working the HP7 release party last year and one of my co workers is really good at voices, so she got on the speakerphone and announced the countdown and time when the game stations shifted in the whiny girl's voice that haunts the bathroom in ... whatever HP book. SORRY! i saw the movie but didn't read the book (yet).
since the movie isn't out, and the only person i can imagine with a weird voice is Victoria and a thick accent is the Quileute elders, this idea is pretty obsolete! so... onward!

lastly, there sold be a Look-A-Like contest. people will already be there in costumes so why not vote for the person you imagine would look like Edward, Bella, Jane even....
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Re: Boys!

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bookaddict333 wrote:
HisLiquidTopazEyes wrote: Also, to bookaddict333: For the record, I just want you to know that I swear I had not been on this website (or any other Twilight website) before I got the "Vampire Wedding" theme approved by my store's general manager. I definitely don't want any hard feelings about this because I know what it's like to want to the best, most unique event for your bookstore!
I honestly felt such a sense of relief when I read that! Thank you for letting me know! I was mostly panicked at the idea that a international company (I don't work for), would see the idea and then use it in all their stores. Thats the biggest reason why I put up that reply. (And, I completely agree with wanting a unique event for your bookstore.)

I also want everyone to know that I completely understand just how difficult it is to plan a Twilight party! In that light, I'm posting the other party theme ideas that I came up with that you can use.

(A note to Borders: Sorry but I would prefer if these also go on the no-touchy list. I want these to remain available to individual party planners who are in need of theme ideas.)

La Push Beach Party: Throw a beach party minus the beach!

Cullen Camp Out: For decorations, raid your camping equipment. Set up different "stations" in the store and use titles such as: Bella and Edward's camp site, The Meadow, and Newton's Outfitters. Have different activities at each one.

Activities:Draw pictures of the werewolves and see who can correctly identify them.
Set up one of those quizzes to see what kind of animal you would hunt if you were a Cullen. Example:

1. Would you rather hunt an animal based on:

If you chose mostly C's you would be Emmett...(etc)

Set up a Charlie's Werewolf hunting game. (Pretty much the ball under the cup game)

I'm not certain if anyone has suggested/done this one. If you have, please let me know so I can either credit you or remove it.

Alice's Pajama Party: Use pillows and blankets to decorate the area and encourage guests to dress in their pajamas! I've seen a tons of game ideas posted that would fit perfectly for this theme. Just be certain to gossip about the boys at Forks High!

Cullen Costume party: Encourage participants to dress up like the characters going to a costume party. Dress up like Rosealie going as Aphrodite, Alice like a ballet dancer or maybe Angela as an angel. (My personal favorites are Aro as a psychiatrist and Bella as a surgeon. Ha Ha Ha )Again there are many games posted that would fit this theme.

This is the one I did last year and it went really well. It was just a general Eclipse release party, but what I did was this, I took eight tables from the stores cafe and set them up around the store. I then decorated each one to reflect the character who "sat there". So it seemed as if I was holding a Twilight character conference, but all of them had bearly left.
I had tables such as:
Charlies Parenting Tips.
Cooking with Bella
Alices' Fashion Tips
Emmetts Sports Corner
Volturi Snack Bar- I taped a sign on that said "Please see receptionist for dinner." and another one that said "Due to conflicting interests with management, this table has been closed."
And then my favorite two. Right next to each other, I placed Mikes Kissing Booth, and Edwards Kissing Booth. Mikes table had a sign on it that said "Closed due to lack of interest", while Edwards table had a waiting list (With Bella's name filling it completely out.)
Now all of the tables were of course empty, but all the chairs that were placed next to them had excuses taped on. Such as gone fishing, Out with Jasper, etc. It was on these tables, that I taped questions to the trivia contest I held. They provided great decorations as well as being functional.

I hope all of these help you. If you use any of the above, just remember the most important thing,

Send me pictures!! :)
you brought up a genius idea... i extended it to include signs that would be put up all over a bookstore:

Charlies Parenting Tips. (Family isle)
Cooking with Bella/Esme (Cooking isle)
Alices' Fashion Tips (Beauty isle)
Emmetts Sports Corner (Sports and Mags)
Bella Would Approve/Bella Has Read ALL of These! - (Literature/Fiction isles)
Rosalie Looks Better - (Fashion and Entertainment Mags)
Traveling with Renee - (travel isle)
Jasper's Quiet Place - (New Age and Self help books)
"The Garage"; Jacob, Rosalie and Edward - (Cars!)
Dr. Carlisle's Chicken Soup for the Vampire's [debatable] Soul - (Health isle)
Hunting Recommendations for Undead Vegetarians - (for the animal isle)

typo- isle = aisle.
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Post by JonCullen »

Vampire talents debates! I always wondered if edward or jane would win in a fight. And you could also debate what bella's talent would be.
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Release Party Games instead of Trivia

Post by Edward_and_Bella_forever »

Hmm... Did someone already say Edward and Jake look-a-likes?

Or how about the Alice and Edward chess game?

I actually think they might be doing that at some places for the Release Party/Vampire Prom, so yay! Lol

Here's a funny one, what about the most clumsy Bella? Haha.

I don't have any other ideas, but if I come up with any other ones, then I'll see what else.
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Um how about, Twilight MASH??? lol It's SO fun! I played it last night. xD
I played it with my sister twice and she kept getting Jasper. ^^ lol
I did get Edward.. :sigh: ONCE after playing like 8x. But you know what, i make my own luck. lol ^^

And if you have no idea what i'm talking about, PM me.. i can give you a little crappy explanation. lolzz

Okay and i have another one, how about Twilight hangman?? That's pretty fun too. I've played it on the one Bella and Edward fansite.
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Re: Release Party Games instead of Trivia

Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

Edward_and_Bella_forever wrote:
Or how about the Alice and Edward chess game?

Here's a funny one, what about the most clumsy Bella? Haha.
The clumsiest Bella would be very funny. I can just see alot of people dressed up as Bella trying to fall down alot. lol.

How would the Alice and Edward chess game work out, just people playing chess?
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