For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Dear Katie,

I am sorry but our stores do not have a generic email address. Please call the store and our staff would be more than happy to help you with your enquiry. The Cheshire Oaks number is 01513567716.



Ughhh how irritating!
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Post by Clairbear »

RainyForks wrote:That's great about the London one, but I wouldn't be able to come, because I live in the north-west and it's too far for me :( hopefully it will be good!
We're hopefully having a party in Birmingham, if that helps "D
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Sweet_Madness wrote:Wow guys this is excellent news! :D (Even though Oxford is MILES from me, I'm sure me and my twi-hard friends could get up there somehow!)

I refuse to miss this...
Oxford Street in central London! not Oxford lol!
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cullenist wrote:I am waiting for more information, but it would most likely be in the afternoon (or maybe evening) of the 4th August (official UK release date).

I am thinking of setting up some sort of group for people going...

And I'm not going to say what my costume idea is - I want it to be a suprise ;)
could you please let it be the afternoon
not everyone can make it in the evening for various reasons.
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Previously I couldn't get to Birmingham... I guess I could try though, I wouldn't want to miss out :D
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Post by livy »


Hi Olivia
I'm the events manager here at Borders in Speke and I was really interested to read your letter about an event for the new twilight series title. We'd love to have an event here to celebrate the release especially as we have several people working here who are huge fans as well. In fact we did recently contact Stephenie's publisher about possible signing events but were told it was unlikely she'd be heading over here any time soon.

I'm not sure what kind of event you had in mind but if you could drop me an email or give me a call at the store to discuss it we can start pinning something down and I'll get it on our website as a coming soon event. I know for the release of the last few Harry Potter's we had massive midnight event parties but I'll have to check with Stephenie's publisher to see if they will be holding to a midnight release date as this wasn't the case with her recent book 'the Host' and it would be a bit unfortunate if we planned a big launch but the book was available in other shops before that.

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Post by livy »

Ok, so IF this event takes place, and you want to go, what type of party would you like?
A themed party, or something?
Please PM me with your ideas, so i can give details to borders about what the fans want :)

Keep in mind, this event is not a deffinate one, so try and not get too excited (yeah... as if thats gunna happen :P hahaha)
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Post by cullenist »


Everyone, I have had another response from Borders and it seems there will be BREAKING DAWN RELEASE PARTIES AT BORDERS NATIONWIDE!

Here is my email;

"Hi Iona,

Thanks for your reply. We will definitely be going ahead with some events and activities surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn on the afternoon and evening of Saturday 2nd August (the book is released here then too, not the 4th).

A fancy dress competition and a quiz sound like great ideas, we will definitely try and incorporate them into the day.

At the moment our Head Office is in talks with the publishers at Little Brown to organize some activities and hopefully some great prizes and things to give away on the day! This might take a while (these people are always so SLOW!) but I will be sure to let you know when we have heard back from them and we can progress with the plans for the day.

I have been thinking about holding a party in store in the evening - maybe starting about 7pm. We would like to provide drinks, snacks etc. but have a really tight budget, and would rather spend the money on decorations and prizes. Do you think people would buy a ticket to come to the party, it would only be about £3 pounds? Then we could set up a special area for you all with some food and drinks etc in the evening.

Let me know what you think,


By the way, you may want to let you friends know that ALL Borders stores around the country will be holding some activities on Saturday 2nd to celebrate the release. However, you should also tell them that Oxford Street's party is going to be much bigger and better than the others!!"

YESSSSS! :D I was so worried that all my effort was going to be wasted!

It seems that something will be going on nationwide, but Oxford St will easily be the best :wink:

I am going to start up an individual London thread now so please go there to discuss everything about the Oxford St. Party!

Once again, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by lovetoread_wanttoact »

Thats brilliant! If you have any more info on the nationwide parties please post on here :D

Thanks so much for your effort - I'm so glad it wasn't in vain.

Can't wait - this is going to be excellent

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Post by cullenist »

Yes this is going to be fantastic! If I get any more information on nationwide parties, I will be sure to post on here at once.

For London release party discussion I have created a thread here - http://archive.twilightlexicon.com/view ... hp?t=19757 so if you could go there to talk about the biggest and best release party in the UK it would be great!

I just can't wait! :D
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