For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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livy wrote:OMG!
Yeah!! lol. Are you coming? I'm coming with my fellow twilighters (friends). :)

EDIT: No! It's changed!

"Breaking Dawn release 08:00 am, Mon 4th Aug 2008
The much anticipated release of the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Join us for our early opening so you can be one of the first to get your hands on the book and find out what's happened to Bella and Edward."

See it's at 8am now.

There are also two Twilight discussion groups being held, which I don't think I can go to due to holidays. But here they are anyway.

"Twilight Discussion Group 06:00 pm, Fri 1st Aug 2008
Before the fourth installment in Stephenie Meyer's hugely popular series we are holding a special group to talk about the series so far and what you think will happen in Breaking Dawn. Will Bella and Edward stay together? What will happen in Forks?"

"Breaking Dawn Discussion Group 06:00 pm, Fri 15th Aug 2008
Join other fans of the series to discuss the fourth book.
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Anyone know of any parties in the North-East??
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I want an Edward :'(
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It's good to know that some stores are holding parties in the UK. I can't for the life of me fathom out why release is 2 days later than the UK. I'm lucky, I will be in the US on the day and have arranged to go to a book party there. I hope you all have a great time where ever you go.
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Yay! I got this yesterday from Cheshire Oaks Borders.

Hi Stephenie Meyer Fans!!!
My name is Charlie and I am the Children's Specialist here at Borders Cheshire Oaks (as well as one of the biggest Twilight fans!!!!).

Recently you gave us your e-mail details to let you know what we are doing for the release of Breaking Dawn.
As you are all probably aware, Breaking Dawn is released on Monday 4th August (here in the UK) and we will be opening the store at 8am for any of you fellow die hard fans who want the book as early as possible!

We are dedicating the weekend before launch day to the Twilight saga - that's Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd August.
We have a Twilight T-shirt Slogan Competition happening until then so come in and pick up your entry form. The prize will be a T-shirt, a free copy of the book and some other Twilight goodies!! (don't worry if you have already paid your deposit this will be refunded!) We will reveal the winning entry on Saturday 2nd August so all entries are to be given in by Friday 1st August. We have a chart in store to the rear of the children's department where you can write your name next to Edward or Jacob so we can see who is more popular, as well as a chart to see who thinks Bella will become a vampire!

On Saturday 2nd at 5pm & Sunday 3rd at 4pm we are holding a Twilight discussion group where you can also make a Twilight book mark! No need to sign up, just turn up at that time if you want to join in.

If you buy the book from us you will also get a free exclusive Breaking Dawn wrist band!

Starbucks are offering 10% discount if you show your till receipt before 9am on the day of release.

To make sure you get a copy of Twilight, we are now taking deposits of £2 that you can redeem off the price of the book on the release day. The RRP is £12.99 but we will be selling it for £9.99. So after you've paid your reservation of £2 you will only pay £7.99 on the day. If you've paid your £2 deposit already, then your copy is secured!!

If you've not already paid your deposit, you can either come into store to pay it or you can call us on 0151 356 7716 and pay over the phone. Make sure you do it quickly though we are only getting a limited number of books.

So there is just one more thing to ask before I go.....

Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? I am making badges to give away on the day so you can show your support for who you want Bella to end up with!!!!

Thanks and we hope to see you on release day. I know I can't wait to see how it all ends!!!

Charlie Friend
Cheshire Oaks

I've reserved my copy :D but I have yet to go and sign the chart and enter the slogan competition.

I might try and get myself to the Liverpool one as well if I can make it!
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