For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Post by Alphie »

It's no secret that I live south of Nashville. I'm thinking that there will be a midnight party at the Davis-Kidd bookstore at the Green Hills mall, but I have no word yet. Is there anyone for certain going to want to hook up for Breaking Dawn? I would love to get together and gab about theories and such.
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Post by LovesTwilightx3 »

I've been to the last two release parties they've had for New Moon and Eclipse.

So, I am betting there will be a Breaking Dawn release celebration.

I'll be in Forks the day of the release this year! =]
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Post by Alice 1991 »

I live about 2 hours away from Nashville but I could probably make it. If it's for BD then school should be out durring then. What exactly have you got in mind?
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Post by Hereandthere »

It's a bit of a drive for me but I don't know about there being a release party around me since I wasn't into the books yet when they were released. :( But if you're certain about it then there's a possibility. I'd love to dicuss theory face to face with someone.
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Post by Smiley383 »

I'll be in the Barnes and Noble's in Johnson City in northeast tennessee, and they are definitely having a release party they told me. I would go to nashville, but the farthest I've been in Tennessee is Knoxville. Is there anyone who can come to the Johnson City realease ? I have no clue yet, but I as of now, I will be in johnson city, unless the store in Virginia answers my phone calls. :roll:
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Post by allium moly »

If Davis-Kidd has a release party I would go for sure.
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Post by BritmettBearx3 »

I talked to one of the ladies that works at the brand new Barnes and Noble in Murfreesboro. They are for sure having one, if you live in or around that area.
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Post by humor_me »

I live 45 minutes from Nashville and was thinking about going there for the release anyway, since nothing amusing is happening near me.

If I get some details, I will be game.
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Post by Mallory »

I'm around Chattanooga. I'll let you know if our B&N is having one. I don't know why they would not....*shakes head*
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Post by justbiteme »

I'm in Nashville and I really hope there's a release party...I would totally go. Is it possible that there will be one at Borders near Vandy?
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