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For those of you looking to connect with others regarding release parties/events for The Host and Breaking Dawn
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Bunnisteffi wrote:Uh... Actually, I've managed to set up a thread on sgcafe regarding a Breaking Dawn meet-up. They're at least 8 who're interested. want to join up? :)

I don't know if I should pre-order, too. My dad never allowed me to pre-order for both New Moon and Eclipse. Will the books arrive earlier through the mail than through the bookstores, anyway?

Eh... I just got back from Borders. They're accepting pre-orders for Breaking Dawn liaoz. Release date: August 4.
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hey ally_j,i am from malaysia and a die hard fan of twilight series..i really hope there will be a release party for breaking dawn..if it is in kl,i will be thrilled :) i think it will be best if it is in mph 1 utama,,,By the way there are tonnes of twilight fans that i please notify me if there is any updates or changes :)
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