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Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Here in Seattle there's a local TV station that has a program with librarian Nancy Pearl. She recently interviewed Stephenie Meyer, and at one point they talked about The Host. I transcribed a bit of it:

Stephenie Meyer: It doesn't feel like science fiction at all when you're reading it--it doesn't have that sense of being detached from the earth the way science fiction often does.

It's told from the perspective of an alien. It's sort of a post-body snatchers invasion that is over and the other side won and humans are mostly gone and the world's a much better place'"everyone's kind to each other and nice and bad things don't happen anymore. But there are a few humans that are still in hiding, and one of them gets caught, and my main character Wanderer is put into her body, and Melanie [the human] does not go away, which is what she's supposed to do. And so she & Wanderer have a really complex and interesting relationship. Once they start talking to each other it's just really, for me, hard to step away from, and then complicating things is Melanie's boyfriend who's still out there in the wild, and Wanderer, through the dreams and memories that Melanie has, falls in love with him too. And so they go off to find him together, which is a lot of fun.

I tell people it's the first love triangle with only 2 bodies.

Nancy Pearl: So was that an easy book to write as well?

SMeyer: It was. I wasn't trying to write a book' in between editing weeks (of New Moon & Eclipse) I'd have like a month, and I wasn't ready to not be writing, and I had a little idea, a little glimmer of The Host, so I just started writing it down sort of to keep track of it, and it got bigger and bigger and now it's like the longest thing I've written. If it was written in the same font as Twilight it would be 800 pages long.
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deedeedork wrote:Is it suposed to be an adult novel? Im curious cus I really do want to read it. (=
Yes, it is an adult novel. And no, by adult it does not mean that it will contain graphic scenes. Rather, the audience it is pitched toward is not the YA crowd, but just a tad older. :wink:
Syn Morite wrote:Since so many of you seem excited for The Host, I highly suggest this site: The Host Index. It's speculation at the moment and there is some Twilight discussion. It's very fun and friendly on there. And it's run by our very own Alcyone and Ouisa.
Lol! Give out the site address too! Else even more people will join thinking us only a forum when there is a very pretty site the forums are attached to! The link's in my signature.
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PB & Jane wrote:I think Stephenie should have waited till the Twilight series was done or write under a pen name because people are just going to read The Host just because it's by Stephenie and it MAY not even be good...
Actually, I don't quite agree with you. I think it's really cool that she is already writing something new, even if the Twilight series are a hit and are still running because that means she's not going to get stuck with jus one successfull series like many authors do. Can you imagine JK Rolling writing anything else that is not Harry Potter? And I don't mean in a bad way. I really admire Rolling, and have read all the HP books, but it is a good example of what I'm trying to say.

Also, I think its good if publishing The Host under her name helps her sell more books because she has already built a prestige with previous works. Think of authors like Stephen King, who no longer needs to do anything to sell more books than just write them because his name is already a good enough reason for people to want to have them, and that doesn't mean the rest of his work are not good.

What I mean with all this is that I'd rather admire a person for their varied works than for getting stuck with just one great hit.
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I really don't think Stephenie needs to write under a pen name. So what if people buy The Host just because it's SM? If it's really a flop, then the name of the author isn't going to change that. It won't mean that Twilight is any less awesome and I wouldn't think less of her.

On another note, I'm so excited about The Host. It needs to come out sooner!
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whoa...they deleted my last post.

I didnt know ARCs were illegal....

Sorry......wont happen again.
"Magic, madame, is like wine, and if you are not used to it, it shall make you drunk." -Susanna Clarke, The ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories.
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Thanks for the links Anthea, i was looking for some sites about the book in spanish
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I am really excited for the host i would like to read it just to see if it's as good as my twilight. This will sound incredibly silly but... I wish she would kind of just forget about it and write some more about my Edward (ok.. you know what i mean) But i when it does come out i'll be one of the first to read it and i will be comparing it.
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Stephenie will be posting a chapter of The Host on Valentine's Day.
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I'll be glued to my computer on Valentine's Day, waiting for it to be on SM's site. I'm really excited to see more of her work that's not Twilight. (Don't misunderstand me, I absolutely LOVE Twilight, but I'm also interested in how she'll do with other storylines, now that Twilight is such a success!)

I think this is the one time where I'll say thank goodness I don't have anyone to celebrate Valentine's with! :shock:

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