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Post by krstn »

okay....seriously....I just had a heart

I read about Ian dieing...BUT IAN BEING TAKEN AWAY!
NO!!! NO!!!

Oh gosh...I really dont want that lol...
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Post by kitticat2 »

krstn wrote:okay....seriously....I just had a heart

I read about Ian dieing...BUT IAN BEING TAKEN AWAY!
NO!!! NO!!!

Oh gosh...I really dont want that lol...
Never!!! Never, never, never, never, never!!! :evil: Ian can never be killed, I'd still read the books but it would break my heart to pieces! :cry:

I could deal with him being captured, as long as they got him back.
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Post by diamond encrusted »

No, I don't think SM would kill Ian off in the sequels...its taken too much for him to be able to be with Wanda. I just don't think she'd do it. Well, at least I really, really really hope not!!
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Post by zerolover34 »

i say bring on the squels i am ready for more but steph wouldn't kill off ian or atlest i jope not

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Post by pale.carmine »

well, we don't know how long it would be until a major character twilight she didn't kill off ANYONE.

but in the host, wes died, so you never know. And walter too.
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