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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

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Post by irrevocably_intoxicating »

because well, he stayed. and he loved.
and well, i may just like him as much as i love edward.


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Post by free-your-mind-dreamer »

irrevocably_intoxicating wrote:IAN
because well, he stayed. and he loved.
and well, i may just like him as much as i love edward.
I completely agree with that! I finally borrowed The Host from my friend and I am now completely torn between Ian and Edward..love them both so much ! I chose Ian, simply because he saw what no one else could see, he saw the "Wanda", the woman the girl the love behind Melanie's body.

Although close call..really like Mel, Wanda, Jaime, Jared, Jeb, even Kyle.. xD so many good characters
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Post by .:TwIlIgHt~HoUrS:. »

i like Ian.
1. at first he was like watch out i am going to kick your donkey to wanda. though in the end he fell in love with her. Even if she was a warm.
2. he just seems like a cool guy to hang out with.

oh this is my first post by the way...if i messed up and posted this some where wrong or something please dont get madeat me :D
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

I picked ian cause he was always so nice!
and he loved wanda even though she represented something that had torn their world apart
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Post by Rosalie »

Definitely Melanie, Jared, or Jeb. I always like the rash, stubborn characters, as you can tell. And I might be one of the only readers who held no affection for Ian. I just plain didn't like the guy.
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favorite character

Post by watchmehunt »

i picked ian because 1. i love him. he is the kind of guy (well besides edward but he's a vampire) that you want. some one who completely and totally loves you for just being yourself and i can only hope and dream to find a man so remarkably amazing. lol but 2. because melanie and wanderer were like one person to me. i had mixed emotions about them being seperated because melanie gave wanderer her empathy and wanderer gave melanie hope that she would die all together. i liked the fact that wanderer did get her own body but at the same time i wish she and melanie were like paired deal... soo i couldn't choose between the two. lol
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Post by rhilee5791 »

I would have to say that i agree with kpb1192 as to why they like Wanda and i think the when in the book Ian says that she doesn't think about herself thats basically true.
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Post by krstn »

I chose Wanda. Two reasons:

Reason One: I feel sorry for her throughout the book and I want so badly for her to be happy. There was never a moment where I was angry with a decision she made. I loved how she accepted Melanie and they grew together. I also feel that, even though Mel was the captive, Wanda was the one stuck. I can relate to how she feels so out of place...

Reason Two: She gets Ian! I like Jared, but I always wanted Ian. Before I started the book, I found out that Wanda and Ian were going to be together, but I am happy to be reading why they are together :]

**I have NOT finished the book yet (late starter in everything GOSH lol). But I dont feel "spoilers" spoil anything for me, and I am glad I have started to read this book... My answer will not change...
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Post by Louve »

Absolutely, positively, Ian. Always Ian.
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Post by unbelievable »

Okay well I can't just pick one so I pick Ian and Jamie.

I officially think of Jamie as a younger brother, or even a son. He's only like one year younger than me and I feel like he's my son! Of course I don't want a kid right now, but Jamie just felt like he was my kid. He's so sweet, caring, he's been nice since the beginning, and he always made me smile.

Then there's Ian. Ah Ian. He's amazing to put it simply. He started off as the others, kind of mean and hesitant towards Wanda. But then out of nowhere he began to just care about her and want to be with her. And to tell you the truth, I like him more than I love Edward and I love Edward a lot so Ian's just amazing!
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