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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

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Post by deedeedork »

Hahaha yeah. Dangerous people are amazing. I dont really like the safe ones at all. Do people besides us hate Kyle? Really? He's amazing though!


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Post by kpb1192 »

Wanda is my favorite because she is so, self-sacrificing, caring, and kind-hearted. She is the most human of all the souls.

I thought it was very kind of her to give herself up in the end so that Mel and Jared could be together, it showed true love and friendship she had for Mel.

I just love Wanderer, even though she is technically "behind enemy lines" I believe she has the best of intentions.
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Post by SarahCullen821 »

I picked Jeb....
B/C he reminds me of my friend Caroline(who actually would do some of those things) hehehe
and b/c he's just cool like that :D
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Post by sadsunshine »

I chose Kyle.

I guess I really liked him after he agreed that Wanda WAS actually quite okay, and when he got Sunny that was sweet too. I think a plus would be because he's a lookalike of Ian and they were always bantering around.

Plus everyone openly "hates" him in a sense that no-one's sorry about hitting him or anything.

Wierd how clearly Ian is the favourite character. I think so too, after Kyle. I mean Ian does hold some resemblance to Edward, and he's so kind.. I feel sorry for him half the time though, not being able to "overwhelm" Wanda and having to put up with her responding to Jared right in front of him.
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Post by zerolover34 »

Ian becuase i love him :mrgreen:

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Post by Lilybel »

Bella_Cullen_13 wrote:
deedeedork wrote:Oh em gee! You rock! I've never met anyone who loves Kyle more than Ian, Jamie, or Jared. You're amazing! *high fives* (I'm Team Jared)
I love Kyle more than Ian & Jaime. (Jared Pwns!)

Im still-

(Violent People have a special place in my heart apparently.)
Haha I'm right there with you! There's something about people with little control over their emotions . . . Makes me feel right at home.

I'm glad someone voted Kyle! Sure, it's great for people to automatically be accepting to body-snatching aliens, but it's also great to see characters become good throughout the story. And anyway, he wasn't really that bad to begin with; he was just trying to protect the people he loved from a seemingly untrustworthy alien. Isn't that what anyone would do?
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Post by eyelinerislife »

I chose Jamie, just because I couldn't choose between Ian and Jared (I love them both too much...). He's just so pure, so innocent. He was the one charecter that I could never get mad at through the book.
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Post by Edward's#1fan »

i liked Ian because he saw wanda for her and for Melanie
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Post by Speed-is-Everything »

I chose Kyle...and there is a reason...

I chose him because without Kyle, you wouldn't see how good a person Ian is, or how Jared's character changed throughout the story. You wouldn't see how mean and spiteful Maggie and Sharon are, and you wouldn't be able to love Jeb so much.

Kyle's personality is so straightfoward to me. Sometimes I think that I would be just like him, if I was put in the same situation. He did what he thought was best to secure his life, and the lives around him. And although I think he was a little extreme at times, he turned out good in the end, right? And he even ended up with his own worm crush! lol

I do have to admit though, that I chose Kyle, only to give him some credit...

All the guys in this book are my favorites. The book wouldn't be good without Ian, Jared, Kyle, Jeb, or Jaime!

That being said, I don't have just one favorite!

Oh yes, and another reason I like Kyle, is because he's not afraid to get hit! I mean, how many times did his nose get broken?! So extreme, so sexy...lol

Ian kicking him in the face was great...he did it for no reason at all! And Kyle didn't even cry! I would have been screaming my head off! I love a tough guy! lol, I guess that comes with your world being invaded by aliens though!
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Post by whitequeen@heart »

i loved Jeb's character. He was funny but then there was his don't-mess-with-me side. i think its funny how his family thought he was a little crazy, but it was his paranoia that saved a bunch of people. makes me think twice about my own crazy relatives. he was also the first person that realized that melanie might not have faded away, and he protected both wanda and melanie. he was almost always in a good mood, but he still didnt take any funny business from anyone. guy's got gumption.

i have to put in that, although his role was small, i really liked fords deep waters also for really no apparent reason at all.
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