Poll-Favorite Character

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Who is your favorite Character in The Host??

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Poll-Favorite Character

Post by Be My Escape »

Choose your favorite character and then discuss why you choose that person.
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Post by vampgirl39 »

I picked Ian for two reasons.

The first is because I love him
and the second and more prominent reason is because I can't chose between Melanie and Wanderer. They're like a whole person to me and it's hard to chose.

But even as I'm writing this I think I like Wanderer a bit more than Melanie. Ugh! How can I explain!?

There were certain things about Wanderer that she gained from being inside Melanie's body and I don't think she would be the same if Wanderer just existed outside a host. Being inside Mel changed Wanderer and I liked them working and existing as one.

That's why I voted Ian
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I chose Melanie, I think I can relate to her most. At the begining, I felt very sorry for her, because if I were her, I would be very bitter so I dont blame her. Wanderer was trying to shut her out & even threatened to kill her. I can see why she was enraged.

She's very strong & has a mind of her own [in the sense that she doesnt form her opinions from Wanderer's.]

If I got to choose 2 characters, I would also choose Jared. He's so much like Jacob [which is weird because I love Edward]. So much like him in the way that's he so real and he wears his emotions on his sleeve.
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fav character

Post by Briana_Cullen »

My favorite was Ian because he was so selfless and loving. He would have prefered Wanda being with Jared that going away.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

Beside the fact that I love Ian to death, I chose him because he's the first person to truly accept a Soul just for the Soul. Melanie comes to terms with Wanda and becomes friends with her but Ian is the first one to truly appreciate Wanda as her own being.
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

i couldn't decide between ian and jamie. it's so hard to chose because they are both such good characters and are really nice to wanda and they both recognized that wanda was a different person than melanie whenever she was in her body.
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Post by BlackLace »

I picked Wanda...because she just seems the most real...even though she's technically the only who isn't.

She was so kind, and she was able to overcome all she learned about being a soul, and look at the greater good.
She's just a really great person.

BUT Ian is in a close second. He was able to love her for her. Makes me teary, when I think about it. :roll: in a good way of course lol
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Post by Murphy »

I picked Ian for all the reasons already mentioned. He was just so intestesting to me.
Wanda as well but Ian just had all those great lines. :lol:
Jeb was also a very close second. I just loved him. He was so different to all the other characters and never failed to dissapoint.
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Post by paleskingoldeyes »

i chose Jeb, he mad me laugh out loud alot with his "this is my house" and he sounded like the most eccentric character :)
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Post by sarah-belle »

I was torn between Ian, Jared, and Jamie. But I finally chose Ian. I just love how he's so sweet towards Wanda, and how he loves her for who she is. And he's so freaking funny.
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