Host Questions for Stephenie

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Host Questions for Stephenie

Post by Cocoa »

Do you have a question about the host? Post it here and maybe it will get asked at a signing!
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Post by Mystical »

Ooh, yay. Hmm, let's see. Here's some things I was wondering about:

1. How were the souls created, or born, came to being, etc.?

2. If the souls at first only existed in their pure form, how did they insert the first soul?

3. Since you wrote once scene in describing the two souls on Earth playing with their human child, do you think they will want their child occupied by a soul at a later time?

4. Why do some humans have a 'stronger' mind, and some simply fade away like Jodi?

5. When occupied by a soul, why do the human eyes reflect/multiply direct light?

6. Could a soul wear contacts to prevent reflecting light?

That's it for now. :D
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chapter names

Post by Moonpetal Lily »

I mentioned this in another topic before finding this one, but...

Was the pattern of the chapter names purposeful? All are past-tense verbs (-ed endings)
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Post by Sunspot »

Do the souls believe in god and what did they do with the churches?
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

-During the year off, will a sequel to The Host be in the works, and if so, will it get published?

-If there are sequels to the Host, will they be told from Wanderer's Point of View still or will they be from Melanie's?

-Will we be able to read any outtakes from the books on the website?

-How do the souls access the memory of the Host if the mind of the host isn't present? Like when Wanderer would see pieces of Melanie's past, Melanie would say that she shouldn't have let her see that, like she has control over the memories she can access.

-Looking at the final product of the Host, was there anything you wish you could change about the book?
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Post by Kizmet »

-Since virtually all human books have violence of some form or another in them, what did the souls do with all of them? It seems like an awful lot to get rid of, but also like the souls wouldn't want to have such violent stories lying around.
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Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

Yeah, I was kind of wondering what would hapen to religion too. Would the Church (Mormons, LDS, like Stephanie) buckle, or could it have survived the invasion? And all the other churches, too?
And would the souls like video games at all, since nearly all of them are violent in some form, even Mario? or would they make Sun City, the good happy version of Sin City? (out of Foxtrot... heehee, I rather like it...)
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Post by tealcandtrip »

Please post a blueprint of the caves on your website.

The fact that they are consistently describes leads me to believe there is one, but I have a hard time following it.
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Re: Host Questions for Stephenie

Post by Isabella Cullen »

Cocoa wrote:Do you have a question about the host? Post it here and maybe it will get asked at a signing!
I had a question but I didn't get the chance to ask it at the signing that I went to. :(

To Stephenie:

If you could choose to be either a human or a soul, which one would it be and why?

If someone who is going to be attending one of the future signings wouldn't mind asking this for me, I would love to hear her answer! :D
Thank you!

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Post by twilightXxXviolinist »

Which is better, in your opinion? Twilight or The Host?

Is there anything that got cut from The Host? because I want to read it.

What's your character development process? ALL your characters just blow my mind, and I'm in the process of writing a book.
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