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No, it's never told in the book how old Ian is. But SM said in an interview that he is 25 in the begining.
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Haha, so Ian's 25? Thanks for the info kitticat2. But you didn't say whether or not you chuckled at that part! I absolutely loved that bit. We all know Ian would be just as honorable...
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What does he look like?

Post by Louve »

Does anyone else think of Ian looking like, maybe, Tom Welling?
The bright eyes, the tender loving looks, the strength and the gentleness, it is all there. Or maybe, Eddie Cibrian. IMDB him. I am sure you will recognize him. He has got the eyes and oh those dimples.

Any thoughts?

Either way, Ian will be sneaking into my thoughts and my dreams for a long time.
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Ian Is My Edward Substitute

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I didn't think that "the host' would be that great at first. however, when Ian's love for Wanda came into play it reminded of Edward and Bella. Edward and Ian have a lot of personalty traits in common. Ian is always sweet, caring, and protective. Just like Edward is. Edward will always be #1 in my case though. However, Ian comes in 2nd place! :) I wish the story wouldn't have ended so soon. I want more!!! :P
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Post by Sprinter352 »

I basically love Ian.

Like people have said before, I was totally ready to fall in love with Jared and Melanie, and of course I thought Ian would just be in the background with Kyle and be all evil and everything.

But then out of the blue he starts being nice, and before you know it you can tell he REALLY cares about Wanderer.

At first he was really bugging me because he seemed so...overprotective. But then that faded away and he was just so perfect!

I think it's all of Ian's imperfections that make him perfect. He's human after all. The fact that he is stuck in this odd love trianle/quadrilateral thing but he overcomes it all, the fact that he IS overprotective for a while but it's just because he is genuinly concerned for Wanda, and so much more!

I'm at a loss for words because words can simply not describe how much I love Ian! You know, I think he's giving Edward a run for his money. He had me nearly crying and made my face twist up in this weird sympathtic expression, and he made me "awwww" out loud over and over again. He's so amazing. And he's willing to do anything to make Wanda happy. He told her he would never tell her he loved her again if she wanted Jared! And he calls Wanda self-sacrificing?!

If I try to explain everything that makes me love Ian, this one post will go on for about 10 pages so I think I'll stop. If I could sum up all my feelings in one word/action, it would be...*SQUEEL!!!!* haha
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Post by kitticat2 »

imhuntingforwitches wrote:Haha, so Ian's 25? Thanks for the info kitticat2. But you didn't say whether or not you chuckled at that part! I absolutely loved that bit. We all know Ian would be just as honorable...
Actually, I didn't laugh or chuckle at that part. I might have smiled, but through my first reading of The Host I was so tired and I was having trouble seeing the pages, because it was close to 5 a.m. when I finished it! I had to keep re-reading lots of parts too. But the second time I read it i did chuckle a little, so funny how sneaky Wanda can be. :P Ian would definately make Wanda wait if he found out she was only 17.
"I sat in the blackness of the big hole in the ground and grieved for lost souls with a human at my side."
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Post by unbelievable »

Ok just to start off, I think I love Ian more than I love Edward :o

And I agree with everything Sprinter352 said. I thought that Jared was going to be the boy we completely fall in love with! But then of course, since SM is a genius, she throws someone else at us. At first I was in love with Jared from all those cute memories Melanie showed Wanda. But then once we got to know Ian more, I was caught off guard and just completely fell for him.

When we first met Ian he was just like the others. He wasn't really happy about Wanda being there. I mean he wasn't as bad as Kyle, but he still wasn't as nice as Jeb was in the beginning. But then out of nowhere he starts to be protective of Wanda and cares for her.

I think Edward should watch out because Ian is up on his level in my opinion! Ian is protective yes, but it doesn't bother me as much as when Edward is overprotective. Ian always knows what Wanda is thinking without even being able to read minds! He's just simply amazing!

So once again SM has created another heartthrob! She is such an amazing author if she can make two series that are so popular and just so amazing :] Sorry for this post being so long, I just love Ian too much!!
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Team Ian

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OMG. I love Ian so much because he is so loving. Like the way he can see Wanda for what she really is and see past that the fact that she isn't he species, and the fact that her species took over his planet make such a forgiving and sensitive and loving man. I LOVE IAN! :D
Jennifer is a true Cullenist! I Love Edward and Jacob!!! But I love Edward more! I also love Ian! LOL :D
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I haven't been able to find anything to get my mind off of Twilight and then I read The Host and now all I can think about is Ian. I guess only Stephanie Meyer can get my mind off of other Stephanie Meyer characters.

Ian was...sort of a surprise, but at the same time I knew it was coming all along. I was practically yelling at the book half-way through because Wanda just wasn't SEEING him. But goodness gracious, I was.
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Post by nadiahale<3 »

lalaith913 wrote:So I finally finished The Host, and I am totally team Ian, hence why I am posting here.

The thing I love about Ian is that he wasn't afraid to change his perspective once he was enlightened. He didn't stubbornly hold onto his flawed ideals, like Kyle and so many others did. And he was willing to fight for what he wanted and what he loved.

Maybe people will disagree with me on this, but I liked that the bonds of family didn't stop him with seriously hating Kyle.

It's like, you hear on the news how parents will still defend their child even after they've killed someone. They know their kid's in the wrong, but they "have to" stand by them because they're family. NO! That's not right, at least I don't think so, and I am very glad that Ian wasn't bound by that. He knew what Kyle did was wrong and he got mad. He showed how mad he was. He didn't just stand by Kyle because he was his brother.

And that's some of the many reasons I love Ian!
i love ian too!
agh! it's insane!

and as for the parents standing by their kids, i think it depends on the situation.
like if someone has a mental problem or something and they couldn't help it, that's okay.

wow. that was really off topic.
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