Fords Deep Waters

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Fords Deep Waters

Post by Alphie »

We had a request for a thread on Fords Deep Waters, who inserted Wanda into Mel and actually gave Wanderer her name. What are your thoughts and feelings and future speculations of this character?
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Post by Twilight Teezer »

I think if he ended being more involved in the story he could end up "going native" 8)
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Post by stephmichellei »

I just think that he has such potential to be a really good character. I can completly see him going over to the human cause and being a sympathizer. I was really disappointed that he never came back into the picture, i half excpected him to when they went on the first run for medicine. I think he could be a great connection to the whole human resistance population that appears to be great in size (proved at the end of the book). I'm sure that the other colonies have some sort of medical help ( like Doc) but with Fords being the talented Healer that he is would be an amazing allie to have.

ps: thanks alphie!!! :D
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Post by Patrick-Henry »

I thought that he was an example of a soul. He did his job, despite his personal reservations, because it was best for his community. And he was upset about the Seeker's behavior, he thought it was too violent...he was a view into the mind of a soul. Not perfect, but very close.
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Post by Gabbie »

The idea of having his name as Fords reminds me ALOT of 'Brave New World'. Not sure if anyone here has read it,but it's about like..test-tube babies,a world where everything is "pre-programmed" or "conditioned" before birth and their society is perfect,climate controlled and whatnot. They always referred to Ford as being their 'Lord' and the idea was derived from the Henry Ford production these people were being made on a production line,pretty much.
That probably has NO significance to anything,and probably doesn't make sense. I've had a long day at school and my brain is exhaused. hahahaha. :D
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Post by stephmichellei »

i love Brave New World. Aldus Huxley is one of my favorite authors!
that is a cool coincidence
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Post by I_always_loved_vampires:) »

The Host obviously has parallels to a lot of science fiction/alternate reality/"futuristic" books...Brave New World, Anthem, 1984, an endless list. I was sort of reminded of the main character from Fahrenheit 451. I know that must sound weird, but he was so deeply ambivalent, unsure what the right thing was, and I saw that same thing in Fords Deep Waters. I wish he had been present for more of the book.
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Post by Crazy_addicted_:D »

He truly believes in his Calling. He was so gentle and loving. Yes, I could agree in the sense of him possibly "going native." I can see him and Doc getting together really well. :D
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Post by XxKatiexX »

I was a bit suprised that he was such a small character he wasn't mention a lot.
He seemed to be so nice he really could have to the human side.
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Post by Ch0x »

I agree, Fords did have a lot of potential to be a more developed character. Now that you mention it, it would've been interesting if they had run into him while on their medicine raid. I wonder what would've happened to Wanda then. He seems like a very sympathetic person. I thought that Stephenie should've expanded more on him. It was also mentioned a lot that he had human things, like glaring, or being irritable. It'll be interesting to see what she does with that character.
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