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Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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hellosunrise. wrote:when abouts does it get easier? lol
A whole lot of interesting things happen. In the begginning, it's sort of.. guh. It gets very good though. Just stick it out.
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the host

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LOVE IT!!!!!!! the book was totally awesome as long as you got past the first part... som people said that it was confusing but i understood!!! yay me!
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I normally don't get into "alien" stories, but The Host was the only one I've really enjoyed. :D
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i really, really enjoyed the host. it was a little slow at first, but i found myself unable to put it down after just a few chapters. i was really impressed with wanderer's perspective and struggle to maintain a balance between the nature of her soul self, new human emotions, and the persistent presence of melanie...some pretty involved and intense character development.
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I really liked it too. I was kind of afraid that it was going to be too much like Twilight, but it wasn't.
I really love Stephenie's writing.
I hope she comes out with more books that are totally different. :D
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*Warning possible spoilers*

Wow. I just finished reading The Host. It took me awhile to read it. I bought it awhile ago, but I was saving it for the summer. So when summer rolled around, and after a few days of winding down from school I decided to pick it up. I read up to chapter 1, and stopped there for awhile. I was doing other things with my time. Talking with friends, and playing the Sims 2. I got caught up in other things that The Host was left unread for a bit.

About a week ago I read the entire Twilight series again before finally picking up The Host again. I started it from the beginning, vaguely remembering reading these pages before. I'll admit, at first it was hard to really immerse myself into the story like I had with the Twilight series. It was very interesting, but at the same time it felt almost confusing. I almost thought perhaps against reading it, worrying the confusion would last.

It didn't.

Eventually the story became so interesting I couldn't bear to tear my eyes away. This actually happened around the time that Wanderer went "hiking". Eventually, I thought it might become predictable that the ones she was looking for would actually find her. Instead it turned out she was found by someone else. Although it sort of threw me, I wouldn't have thought that so many humans would be able to handle, stand living where they did. Dark tunnels, living on the same kind of food when the food supply from raids were low. I understood for the most part of the hostility of the humans toward Wanderer/Mel. It seemed cruel, but souls had taken over their planet and it was almost unforgivable.

I loved the way the characters developed, and how the hostility toward Wanderer lessened. I was kind of surprised I suppose, that Wanderer loved Jared. In fact, I almost like to think that she didn't really love him. I feel that it was more lust mixed in with Mel's feelings for Jared that Wanderer was feeling. I wasn't sure how I expected for the story to end knowing that Wanderer loves the man that Mel loves as well. A human. I couldn't see any possibilities to how that could have worked.

I think perhaps my favorite character though is Ian. Sure he was just as cruel in the beginning toward Wanderer, but he changed so much. He realized how wrong he was, and how it actually ends up between him and Wanda, made me so happy. Haha. I guess I saw it coming in a way. Not fully, but I had a hunch.

I also absolutely adore Jamie. He never was hostile toward Wanda, he understood despite how much it hurt. Plus, he was so willing and open to learning more about Wanda. If it weren't for him, who knows how things would have turned out. I mean, I know Jeb was preventing anything happening to Wanda, but how long could that have lasted?

All in all, it's definitely a new favorite of mine. The entire time I wrote this, I was taking side glances at the book thats resting peacefully with the Twilight books. Haha. I feel attached to the book just as much as I am attached to the Twilight series. I definitely hope to hear more about these characters in the future. The subject matter is so interesting, it would be a waste to not continue out the adventures of these humans and native souls. :wink:
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I second everything you just said. Well, except for the first 2 paragraphs... :) I thought The Host was SM's best writing so far. Nothing against Twilight, I love Twilight! Just that this book is more mature than the Twilight series.

When I first heard that her new story was about 2 people in the same body, I thought it was going to be so boring. But I read it in 3 days and absolutely loved it! :D SM did such a great job with the character development. Wanda and Mel slowly grow to respect then love each other (well, Wanda aways had respect for Melanie). Jeb was awesome, Jamie was adorable, Jared got on my nerves a little but he had good reason to, Doc was so sensitive and Kyle was hilarious! :lol:

And Ian! How and you not love Ian?! I really adore reading about relationships that start off kind of rocky then eventually turn into love. One of the many reasons I love Twilight so much!

Stephenie Meyer had done it again, another book to squeal over. I love The Host just as much as I love Twilight, you just can't compare them, they so different, but similar at the same time. Overall, I loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED, LOVED The Host. :D :D :D
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It was good. The ending suprised me a little but it was good altogether. I was confused in the begining but then got everything at the end. :)
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:) I read it twice in the space of a week... And cried both times, that's how good it was.

Technically, it was probably Stephenie's best book, but the story didn't feel like at came as easily this time, like it took a lot of thinking about and perhaps didn't come as naturally as the twilight books. But that's just a tiny criticism, it is by far and away the best non-Twilight book I've read.
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I am completely in love with this book. it took some chapters to get into it for me but Wowza was it good. My favorite thing about it was that all there characters had explosive personalities. i really got a feel for what was in their hearts and minds. And also how all of them evolve from the beginning of the story to the end!! :D
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