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Post by Alphie »

This character really faced a ton of difficult situations both in life and in the plot of the book. Use this area to talk about Doc and his actions and character.
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

I love Doc to death! I feel like he was one of the most genuine, sincere, and kind characters in the book. He was forced to stand by and watch his friends get sick (and, in some cases, die) knowing there was nothing he could really do, but trying anyway. It must have been so frustrating for him to have all that medical knowledge and yet lack the proper tools and medication to save the lives of the members of his community.

And although Wanderer was extremely upset to learn that Doc had been trying to remove the Souls (thus killing them, unfortunately!) I actually was very impressed with how much Doc truly wanted to save his fellow humans. The pain he went through each time he failed was a testament to how deeply he cared for humanity and wished to preserve it.

I just wish he wasn't in love with such a stubborn jerk like Sharon :lol:
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Post by sprinkledpink »

At first I was worried about Doc. Like Wanda, I wasn't immediatly put at ease with Doc, I was waiting for him to strike. I was pleasantly suprised at how he turned out. His compassion for life and saving others a true testament to him.

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Post by Li'lBit »

I felt sorry for him too - Sharon just seems like she can't give him the support and kindness that he deserves. I hope she's just misunderstood and we'll see something good in her in future books. As it is, I wonder how they could have ended up together (but I think that about couples in real life sometimes too).

I was glad that although she was unable to stand beside him and comfort him - the community as a whole seemed to do that for him. It's not the same, but it's something!
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Post by spoiled_rotten_princess »

I'll admit: I, like Wanda, was pretty upset with Doc after the whole killing-souls incident. But I forgave him after a while. I actually see him a bit like a soul himself. He's hurting others for what he believes is the greater good. He really is a compassionate guy, and I agree with everyone: I disliked Sharon immensely, and I believe he deserves better.
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Post by Shieka »

I loved doc
he was funny right beofre the blank pages i felt SO bad for him
he reallty DIDNT want to do that to wanda and that made me sooooo happy
and when he said he had to break his primise to wanda about killing her i wanted to kiss him (on the cheek)

i thought he was a great character
and like wanda i was first wary of him and than he warmed up to me
i liked him after the walter incident thought *tear*
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Post by Twilight Teezer »

I agree with Wanda that Doc's Calling is certainly a Healer, even if he didn't know that his medical training was the opposite of what was healthy. Reminds me very much of our current real life issues between medical and alternative health care....I really liked how Stephenie addressed the way that the Healers dealt with core health issues instead of just masking symptoms as we do in our current medically oriented society and how others are 'shamed' for choosing a different method. Ok, sort of off topic and not focused on in the book.

As for Sharon, she was very much the same as Kyle, but has taken longer to get over the stubbornness. Ultimately, Kyle got over it due to the "life for a life" situation (I just now happened to make a Mulan connection!). Everyone deals with trauma differently and we have absolutely no idea what a good person she may be stuffing under her traumatized shell. Doc knows who the real Sharon is and mourns the loss of the woman he loves. The last chapter shows another window of hope :)
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Post by Sunspot »

Destiny was very hard to him. Look at his wife!!!

I just don't get how such a kind intelligent man could marry such a brat.

Okay, maybe she's just very very disgusted by any alien creature but she never even tried to get along with Wanda.

I'm happy though that she forgave him for helping Wanda so much 'cause he really seems to love her.

It's a mystery to me.
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Post by JulietMontague »

Doc absolutely broke my heart with his compassion and empathetic sensativity, the way he hated to see anyone suffer and when Wanda was afraid of him, ya just have got to love Doc! Hand seriously, how cool a name is Eustace?! I love when Wanda uses his real name when she's angry with him!<333

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Post by HeavenlyAngel14 »

Doc reminded me a bit of Carlisle with all the compassion and thr doctors profession! I loved Doc, i agree that he deserved better than sharon. he was soo nice!

Doc was one of my favourite characters next to Ian beacuse he was so kind and accepting to Wanda. By the way does anyone know how old he is? i was never to sure whether he was older or younger, it never really said.
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