How do you picture the characters?

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Post by Vanilia »

Mel and Jamie were the clearest in my mind
Melanie had a similar face to the one on the cover, and kind of like me? I don't know, it's a little weird, since I never read stories where i picture the characters as myself, or have the same appearance as me, but Mel had similar features. Plus, I see her with this modelesque body, but with an atheltic build

I never saw jamie as a teenager, just always as an 8 year old
I couldn't accept the fact that he got older just as Mel/Wanderer had
He has black straight hair that's almost a mushroom cut

Kyle is Emmett in my head
Pet is Alice in my head

And By the way, some of the character suggestions i've read just made me laugh out loud
the one about The Seeker being the short woman with black hair from the incredibles (that would be EDNA hahaha) honestly made me laugh so hard, i think i woke up the entire household.
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Im silly

Post by vampgirl9 »

Im just laughing at myself because i mixed up Twilight with The Host even though I knew they had nothing in common.
I pictured Jared as Edwards face with blonde hair and Emmetts body. I pictured Ian as smaller version of james (not from the movie)
i know im just crazy but i also pictured Jeb as Billy Black with a gun and no wheelchair
but other then that everyone else had other faces that were not related to Twilight at all except the new body that Wanda was put into...i picture it as Alice
I know im crazy
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Post by Villian*In*A*Melodrama »

The only one I had a clear grasp on was Ian

Ian: A mix of James McAvoy
and Logan Bartholomew.
Logan hasn't really hit it big yet, so I couldn't find pictures but here is a video. The one thing you really can't tell is that he has really goregous blue eyes. Oh and a really great crooked smile. He would have been a nice candadite for Edward if he wasn't so tan.

Wanda: kind of pictured her as younger/tinier Rachelle Lefevre with a pinch of Evan Rachel Wood.

Mel: A mix of Emily Browning,
Alyson Stoner, and (just her looks not her acting) Demi Lovato

Josh Hutchinson' Hutcherson' The Bridge to Teribithia guy.

A super serious Ben Barnes. Not the smiley laughing Ben. The broody, serious, Prince Caspian Ben. With the spike hair he had in that one play

A real life version of the Prospector from Toy Story 2

The Seeker
A mix of the Chirstina Ricci girl from Speed Racer and a real life version of Edna from the Incredibles.

Reading over this, makes me giggle. My mind is a wonder to even me.
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Post by Eternity »

Funny, but when I read the description of Jared, I pictured Adam Pascal as Roger in RENT.
It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I can kind of see it... ... t_adam.jpg
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Post by Ostentatious6277 »

^^ OMG, that wouldn't be so bad, actually, now that I think of that. I love Roger. And RENT.

*is curently listening to Light my Candle*

I've been thinking Joshua Jackson as Jared. Thats' who Steph said for Doc, I think. . . But he's close to how I imagine Jared.
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Post by Brynnie86 »

OK I don't know what that post before mine is but it definitely shouldn't be here.

Anyways... back on target...
The only character I have a clear picture of is Ian and I LOVE Ian Somerhalder as a choice. He's perfect.

I don't really see any actors as Jared. I have this picture of him in my head and it doesn't match up with anyone that I can think of. The closest would be Matt Damon, but younger and with a scruffy beard stubble.

While reading The Host, all I could picture as Jamie is my younger brother. They are about the same age and he fits the description perfectly!

Sam Elliot is a great Jeb.

Other than that the characters are just people I made up in my head while reading.

I love the idea of The Seeker as an "Alice gone bad"
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Post by Casper55x »

Jeb is Kris Kristofferson from Blade, but someone else said Sam Elliott and that's a great one too.

Mel is this girl from law and order ... _cast1.jpg

Jared kind of like brad pitt when he is rough and unkept with a 5 o'clock shadow. (more outdoorsy though)

Ian is Dylan McDermott, but Ian Somerhalder is a good choice too...Hmmm..maybe one can be Ian and the other Kyle.

I like Cristina Ricci for the Seeker..she seems right for that role.

Jackson Rathbone as Jamie...that is the closest actor I can find to portray him as well.

Yes I have given this WAY to much thought.
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Post by makeyousmile »

Hm, it was really difficult for me. But I was sure about one thing, Jake Gyllenhaal was Ian.
Someone mentioned that Summer Glaus could play Melanie/Wanderer, and after thinking about it, I couldnt agree more. I'm still not sure on everyone else... :?
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Post by Brynnie86 »

Wouldn't that be funny if Maggie Gyllenhaal was the seeker and Jake Gyllenhaal was Ian. :lol:
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Post by leopardgirl314 »

This is going to sound wierd, but...I see Jeb like I see Dumbledore, and Melanie like Disney's Pochahontas with shorter hair.

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