How do you picture the characters?

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Post by funnyface »

here is my cast list, sorry if some of these may have already been mentioned

Mel: Tamsin Egerton (almost exactly how I imagined her) ... gerton.jpg ... amsine.jpg ... gerton.jpg ... rton-1.jpg

Pet/ Wanda: Emelie de Ravin ... _ravin.jpg ... eravin.jpg ... milie2.jpg ... Emilie.jpg ... melie2.jpg ... milie2.jpg ... avin-1.jpg

Ian: Ian Somerhalder or James McAvoy (either of them would be perfect)
James M- ... mcavoy.jpg ... /james.jpg ... mesm-1.jpg
Ian S- ... lder_1.jpg ... halder.jpg

Jared: (I can't seem to find the right Jared, but here are some suggestions--2 of them have been mentioned)
Gabriel Aubry- ... Aubry2.jpg ... riel12.jpg
Scott Speedman- ... /scott.jpg ... man-01.jpg
Garret Hedlund- ... edlund.jpg

Jeb: Billy Connolly ... nnolly.jpg

Jamie: I can't find the right Jamie so I am just going with Logan Lerman until I find the right one ... lerman.jpg

The Seeker: Christina Ricci (PERFECT!) ... -ricci.jpg ... 88834-.jpg

Sharon: Either Toni Collette or Emma Chambers
Toni- ... llette.jpg
Emma- ... ambers.jpg

Lily: Either Keri Russel or Anna Friel
Keri- ... russel.jpg
Anna- ... friel-.jpg

Wes: Either Eddie Redmayne or Ryan Gosling
Eddie- ... /eddie.png ... dmayne.jpg
Ryan- ... osling.jpg

Jodi/ Sunny: Nora Zehtner ... ter001.jpg ... hetner.jpg ... d/nora.jpg

Doc: Colin Firth ... blog_0.jpg ... _firth.jpg ... rth_10.jpg

and I am still unsure about who to cast for characters like Maggie, Kyle, Trudy, etc
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Post by Murphy »

I found my perfect Pet/Wanda:
I have no idea who she is but she's in this music video.
If you don't want to watch it all there's a good clip of her at 3:25 and 4:03 onward.
The quy is pretty Jared-esque too. :D
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Post by ianwardistheperfectcombo »

gosh i keep adding on to my cast :/

well, i think this guy could be a GREAT Ian. just watch coyote ugly. hes AWESOME in it. and australian :D his dimple is so cute too. hah i sound like a stalker/wierdo. watever, hes really hot. and perfect for ian.

Adam Garcia:


come to think of it, he could be a good Edward too...but thats not for this thread.

OH! OH! another acceptable Jamie:

Tony Oller:

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The Seeker.

Post by latuacantantexo »

Did anyone else notice that the Seeker pretty much is Alice?! I mean come on! Short, with short black hair. That sounds alot like Alice to me. So I think Rachel Leigh Cook would make an awesome seeker. (She's who I wanted for Alice) Otherwise I really don't know. For Wanda's body at the end, maybe Emily Browning with blonde hair? Yeah definitely! :D (I wanted Emily for Bella. Yeah I never really let go of my chocies. What can I say? I love them!) Oh and for Jared, Kellan Lutz (Yay Emmett!) with blonde hair like he had in Prom Night! I think his name was like Ricky or something in that movie. -shrugs- :roll:
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Post by kitticat2 »

ianwardistheperfectcombo, I love Tony Oller for Jamie! :D He is just so adorable. When I was reading the book I was picture Jamie about 12 years old. I can't remember his real age 13 or 14? By the end of the book 15? I'll go check later.

So, Tony is probably the more apropriate age, but I still want to picture him little and cute! I think someone said this earlier or on another thread but, I think the reason many people see Jamie as being younger than he really is, is because we see him through Wanda/Mel's eyes.
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Post by Ostentatious6277 »

I can really imagine Christina Ricci as the seeker.
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Post by xxdelilahcullen »

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Post by ashFLASH »

Ostentatious6277 wrote:I can really imagine Christina Ricci as the seeker.
Oh wow, I like that idea, she'd make a really good seeker.
Good thinking :D
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Post by Sprinter352 »

I have no real references for how I picture the characters...I don't even see them clearly in my head all the time. I wish I was an unbelievable artist; then I could draw everyone out the way I saw them!
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adding to my cast ..

Post by lpelling »

.... i like the idea of adam garcia as Ian .. nice touch.

For kyle i was thinking Norman Reedus ... did020.jpg
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