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Post by Alphie »

Use this place to discuss Jeb from The Host!
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cool charachter

Post by edwardsigh »

From the first moment i saw him i loved jeb. He has a great sense of humor and i loved how he was so frank. He was really smart and was a good leader. He also saw through decpetions and managed to keep a good level head in tough situations managing to do things that were good for that inderiual and for the good of he whole community. I loved his lines they were the funniest.
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Post by BiteMeSenseless »

I loved how he seemed to know Mel was still in there from the beginning. Also how he would start to whistle whenever anything got awkward.
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Post by twihardy »

I loved Jeb's character - for me, he was the voice of true reason throughout the whole book - even when he was 'in a pickle' he was always clear headed and certain. I like that he had no qualms about the fact that if people don't like his way of running things they could leave - or get shot! Funny, warm, tough, honest, nuturing...I love him!
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Post by blue2twilight »

Jeb, I love Jeb :D He's so cool, he's got this whole friendly vibe running right through him! Jeb is one of my favorite characters of all time :)
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Post by LivingInFantasy »

Jeb is awesome. I loved it when he said that majority rules, unless he had a problem with it. because it was his house
that cracked me up
He kind of reminds me of Emmett in a way. Really amusing and humorous. Kind of.
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Post by Gabbie »

Jeb is the coolest!
He reminds me heaps of my pop,LOL :D
I thought he was hilarious. Definetly one of my favourites.
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Post by Midnight_Fix »

i love how at one point Jeb can't even finish his famous line "my house, my rules" without everyone chiming in and finishing it for him, cause he says it so often.
I want an uncle Jeb, he's great.
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Post by HeavenlyAngel14 »

Yeah i love Jeb too! My favourite line in the entire thing has to be "THIS IS MY HOUSE! AND I MAKE THE RULES!!" i swear he said it in like every line! i too loved the bit where the others finished it for him!
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Post by JulietMontague »

I was a little wary of Jeb in the beginning, but his insane genius grew on me...

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