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Post by JulesCullen »

I think that Kyle loves Sunny, but is so bewildered that he doesn't realize it. After a while, once he comes to terms with the fact that Jodi is gone forever, he will realize that he loves Sunny.
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Post by Speed-is-Everything »

I chose Kyle for my favorite character...and there is a reason...

I chose him because without Kyle, you wouldn't see how good a person Ian is, or how Jared's character changed throughout the story. You wouldn't see how mean and spiteful Maggie and Sharon are, and you wouldn't be able to love Jeb so much.

Kyle's personality is so straightfoward to me. Sometimes I think that I would be just like him, if I was put in the same situation. He did what he thought was best to secure his life, and the lives around him. And although I think he was a little extreme at times, he turned out good in the end, right? And he even ended up with his own worm crush! lol

I do have to admit though, that I chose Kyle, only to give him some credit...

All the guys in this book are my favorites. The book wouldn't be good without Ian, Jared, Kyle, Jeb, or Jaime!

That being said, I don't have just one favorite!

Oh yes, and another reason I like Kyle, is because he's not afraid to get hit! I mean, how many times did his nose get broken?! So extreme, so

Ian kicking him in the face was great...he did it for no reason at all! And Kyle didn't even cry! I would have been screaming my head off! I love a tough guy! lol, I guess that comes with your world being invaded by aliens though!
I'm qouting myself from the Favorite characters post...

More reasons why I like Kyle:

He is definitely bullheaded, and he doesn't seem to care when his life's in danger. He'd rather do what he wants...

He and Ian aren't that different...they hated the souls, and then they both fell in love with one...kind of...

He's the reality of the story. Most people would act like him, if the world was really thrown into an alien invasion. Trying to kill any soul they could get their hands on!

He shows the bad side of humans...most humans...but he shows that people can change too.

And he made me laugh the most. His character was the one who had the funniest lines and situations. I loved Ian and him bickering...fighting...whatever you want to call it. It was sibling rivalry to the extreme! lol
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Post by WinniePony »

I have to disagree with the people who say that Kyle doesn't love Sunny. Maybe he's deluding himself by saying he's just waiting for Jodi, but I think he does love her. It's not the same way he loves Jodi, but it's definitely there. Not only is he so gentle and nice to Sunny, but he also keeps the cryotank with Sunny in it with him. So while the gentleness could be for Jodi's body, the cryotank part was only for Sunny. He just needs to wake up and realize that he loves her too.
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Post by twilighter101 »

Honestly, in the beginning he was very anoying with all the asasination attemps and what not. It was just plain stuborness when he kept holding that grudge.But in the end when he started to lighten up, he was a pretty okay person.
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Post by edwardaddicted93 »

He made me so mad when he insulted Ian for loving Wanda. I wanted to hit him in the face. Gr! :evil: And when he tried to kill Wanda!
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Post by chompchomp57 »

He's a meanie!!!!!!!!! and he is arrogant with a BAD temper... I'm not too fond of him.... He made me sooo mad when he tried to kill Wanda!!!
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Post by niski »

I didn't like Kyle at all. He was okay at the end but one 'sorry' which was not even that heartfelt is not going to change everything he put Wanda through. And he's a hypocrite, getting on Jared's case saying that the only reason he was protecting Wanda was for Mel but then it's okay if he does the same thing with Sunny and Jodi. Kyle is everything that the souls saw in the human race which gave them the incentive to take over. And if every single human in the world was just like Kyle then the souls would have every right to. Kyle (before he got Jodi back) was everything wrong with the human race all put together in one body.
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Post by kitticat2 »

niski wrote:And if every single human in the world . was just like Kyle then the souls would have every right to. Kyle (before he got Jodi back) was everything wrong with the human race all put together in one body.
I think that's exactly why Stephenie made Kyle's character. She needed to have someone who enbodied all the bad traits of the human race, so we, as humans, would understand the souls and why they felt they were making our world a better place.

Jared, Kyle, Maggie, Sharon, and most of the other human's responses were quite normal, what you would expect if the alien whose species took over your planet showed up by your hideout. Jeb, Jamie, and Ian's responses were expectional, even Wanda was suprised. She said they were nice to her because Jeb was crazy, Jamie had a chemical reaction to Mel's body (not the same, obviously as what Jared and Mel share, just a brother/thing), and Ian was curious about her, well after he tried to kill her.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

I hated Kyle mostly through the book
But when it had the whole thing about Jodi/sunny I kind of could understand some of the things he said/did
but I will never forgive him for trying to kill wanda/melanie!
I imagined him to be the host equivalent to paul the werewolf :roll:
but MUCH more aggresive
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Post by krstn »

I liked Kyle! lol.

1. Because he is HOT just like Ian... However I cant picture Ian's face upset or sad... (quick question: are Ian and Kyle twins?)

2. Kyle is a very interesting character. I was actually glad someone still didnt want Wanda around so pationatly (sp?). No one faught as hard as he did to get Wanda out.

3. Kyle turns into a total sweetheart, right after he tries to kill wanda in the river/pools. When Wanda went into the Hospital and saw the mangled souls, she had a fit... Jared and Kyle are the ones who held her down, thinking that was best (which it really wasn't). Also, when she threw up, I think Kyle is the one who held her head because a second later he slapped her (I am very sure that he was the one who slappped her). He was so scared about how she was acting that he wasnt thinking and slapped her thinking it would help (admist all of the horror, I found that slap quite funny). He didnt want Wanda upset. Also, Kyle is a total sweetheart (he IS related to the most fantastic man EVER). He didnt have to be nice to Sunny, she was willing to come, even if he was mean. I cried SO HARD when Jodie didnt wake up, but was also very happy. I liked Sunny. I thought she fit him. They are complete opposites and totally different. Ian and Wanda care alot about other people and put themselves last alot. Jared and Melanie are both very strong and kind of mean... But Sunny is this little, shy thing and Kyle is a brute force. The description of the kitten with a rotwieler matches them perfectly. I want happy endings for everyone, but I feel Kyle got his anyway...

I hope that IF and WHEN there is a sequel, we will get to read more about Kyle and Sunny's relationship...They are my favorite :]]] Even over Alice and Jasper
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