Locations and more Locations!

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Locations and more Locations!

Post by Alphie »

Of all the various planets discussed in the book, which ones did you find the most interesting and which ones would you NEVER want to visit?
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Post by The Brisbane Covern »

Who else wants to become a rouge human and live in those amazing caves?!?!
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Post by i N S A N i T Y »

I really wouldn't want to visit the plant planet. Sitting around absorbing sunlight all day doesn't strike me as much fun. I think I'd take the spider planet though, cause they're supposed to be smart there. I really hope I didn't mix any of those up cause I read the book a few weeks ago.
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Post by primum.non.nocere »

As an ardent Douglas Adams fan I'd have to say the dolphin planet.

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Post by SailorYue »

not really want to go to See Weeds, wher all thought is shared, but maybe dragons or Dolphins
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Post by IEnvyBella »

I would totally get lost in the caves with Ian :P There's really no other place I would like to go. Maybe to the cabin that Jared had?
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Post by Twilight Teezer »

I'd go visit Dolphins and Bear, but steer clear of the Fire planet.
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Post by Sunspot »

I'd like to see the Dolphins or the Flowers.

The bears are okay too.

But I still prefer our planet. If I were a soul I'd want to stay here.
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Post by Murphy »

Hmm... I would like to live on the Singing planet... I don't have my copy right now, so I can't remember what Wanda called it, but the one with the music.
Or maybe the Dolphin one?
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Post by xlostxinxtwilightx »

I think that I woulod actually want to live on the Singing Planet too. That's the ones with the bats. Also the dolphins. and Maybe the fire planets because there wasn't much touch on it I'm just very curious about it. And last but not least Bears and Earth (but in the caves with Iann)
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