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Post by Elizabeth »

Ok, see I'm 15 Years old, and i never thougt about beoming a mother ... i did not want to become one.
but after reading this (wonderful....) book, i cannot stop thinking about this feelings (wanda or melanie) has had.
Ok Melanie was just his sister, but more like a mother!
Haha... Stephenie managed it to change my way of thoughts about getting a baby sometimes^^

Hah, i LOVE jamie, everytime he appeared i felt something like butterflies in my stomach.. The szene, wanda and Jamie lying in Jamies room.. AH so sweet...
... AH
his so cute...
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Post by aliceandjasperfan »

I love Jamie. He's definitly my favorite character. The way he cared so much for both Mel and Wanda was amazing. He also reminds me of my one friend so that didn't hurt my favoritism toward him either. :wink:
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Post by Minireb123 »

Jamie was the best =] Just the way Stephenie wrote made me feel exactly the way Wanda and Mel felt.

I really liked him to cause he was the only one who believed and knew Mel was with Wanda (besides Uncle Jeb who was awesome to =])
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Post by WinniePony »

I love Jamie! He's just awesome. I disagree with whoever said he was innocent though. There was some quote about he wasn't scared and sad like a child, who didn't understand but it was the "fully-comprehending agony of an adult." I think the reason he's able to accept and love Wanda and Mel separately is that his age gives him a more open mind. It's not innocence, it's maturity.
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Post by nmessana »

Jamie is so great! I was so happy when he started getting close to Wanda and that he believed her when she said that Mel was still alive in part of her mind. When he just started crying and Wanda just held him... it was just so sweet I cried!
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Post by TeamJacobAllTheWay »

Jamie was a lovely bit of light in the darkness, the thing that everyone adored and couldnt live without, i loved him to bits and was in tears when he was hurt, but he isn't a baby as many people see him as.
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Post by Vampire Soul »

Jamie is my favorite character---and he is the fave character of all my friends. He is just so sweet! How he loves Wanda for Wanda before anyone else. Ian didn't love her until later, Jeb was just giving her a chance (until he actually started liking her), and Jared hated Wanda for quite a while. And Jamie is able to love both Melanie and Wanda at the same time, which is the sweetest thing. And I really love the mother/son relationship with him and Wanda/Mel.
(It's kind of funny, but reading the Host, you see it through Wanda/Mel's eyes, so he seems like a child, but actually, he's probably older than me)
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Post by Keep Me With You »

i N S A N i T Y wrote:I think Jamie was sort of a symbol for everything good in the world. Even though he was a teenager when Wanda and Mel showed up, he was still so...I can't even think of a word. Pure, innocent, maybe? Untainted by the hate or anger of those around him, but at the same time not naive. He obviously knew about the souls and the invasion, he knew that his race was more or less wiped out by "monsters," and yet when he Wanda in Melanie's body, he didn't hate her. Maybe it was because she was in Mel's body, but he treated her like an individual. He didn't run away from her, he didn't want to kill her; he treated her like any other person. Despite being the youngest in the group of survivors, he probably handled the situation with the most maturity.

Jamie's possibly my favorite character in the book, but I can't decide between him and Ian XD
I agree wholeheartedly. Loved him to bits!

And Ian was great too. :lol: :)
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Post by JulesCullen »

Jamie is definitely up there in my "love to death" list. Wow, I never realized it, but he does feel like a young Jacob.
I really hope that if SM writes more books in the series that Jamie grows up, experiences love, etc. He deserves it! I love him. I totally agree with i N S A N i T Y- pure, innocent, untainted, and mature are completely accurate descriptors of Jamie. I also wanted to hug and thank him at the end for getting Wanda and Ian together...
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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

I love Jamie. He's such a sweetheart, so innocent, and such a good kid. He really cared about Mel and Wanda, but in two separate ways.

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