The Ending

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The Ending

Post by Alphie »

Did you see this ending coming or were you expecting something else?

And how do you feel about Wanda in a new body? How does it change the way you think Ian and Wanda will work as a couple?
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I want another book so BAD! there needs to be a sequal! i love that its left to open enterpratation but i'd also like to see what Stephanie does with the characters because there are some many places she could take this story.

And Ian loved Wanderer for her. He knew Mel was in that body and that she was in love with Jared but that didn't stop him from wanting the alien inside her, loving her even. I dont think a new body will pose much problem for their relationship. it may take some getting used to but they'll adjust. What i'm curious about is how Wandere's going to handle living inside another host body that has a totally differant reaction to situations than Mel's did.
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Post by primum.non.nocere »

I thought it was beautiful when Ian spoke of holding Wanda in her true form in his hands.

To be honest I didn't know what to expect. It was a bit of a surprise, but I liked the ending, I thought it was...I think the word I'm looking for is hopeful.
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

primum.non.nocere wrote:I thought it was beautiful when Ian spoke of holding Wanda in her true form in his hands.
^^^My favorite line in the book!

When I was about the half-way through the book I got a feeling that Wanderer was going to find some way to give Melanie her body back but still be around... and I'm so glad that she did!

I don't think Ian cares how Wanda looks at all. She could be in the body of one of those weird See Weed things and he's still love her!

I cannot wait for a sequel! I really hope Stephenie makes a trilogy (which she said she was hoping to do, right?)

I really love the fact that it ends on a hopeful note (finding other groups of Humans and sympathetic Souls) and yet there is still so far they have to go to save the planet. Stephenie could do so much with this series if she keeps going... and I really hope she does!

I'm already dying to see what happens!
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Post by Cellano »

I actually was a bit confused at the ending probably because I've been reading this book nonstop so my mind is a bit muddled. (I just finished a couple of minutes ago.) However I knew at some point that Melanie and Wanderer were going to have to settle things once and for all, and that Wanderer would never be truly gone. However when I was in the middle of the book I thought that the Seekers might invade the place and find everyone and that maybe Wanderer would settle things and save Earth. So I was surprised the ending was a bit more mellow than what I thought was going to happen. On a last note I really do love it that Ian has always loved Wanderer and that they are finally together. Let's just hope things work out alright. ;)

And yes, I'd love it if Stephanie could make a sequel! ^^
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Post by Edward's Bella »

^ I found it really confusing too, because I was so used to having Melanie with Wanda, that when they were separate, I got muddled up.

I liked how they found other humans, and that kind of left it open for the story to continue afterwards.

I wouldn't say no to a sequel, but I think that the book was left in a pretty good place anyway, and that it would do okay without one.
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Post by Marcy »

I was SOOO SOO SOO glad that I was not spoiled on the ending.

When I finished reading "Finished" and got to the two blank pages (how on earth can Stephenie make blank {or in the case of new moon, one worded} pages so painfully poignant? Sheesh!) and then saw that the title of the next chapter was Remembered...well, I imagined it would be from Melanie's POV after Wanderer was gone. I was crying SO hard, and then...JOY JOY JOY she wasn't gone! Ian didn't lose her!

I really enjoyed the ending, and I like that it was left hopeful. I liked that Wanda changed the world by changing herself, rather than by launching some full scale attack yada yada yada.

The ending (like the rest of the story) was beautiful.
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Post by When Dawn Breaks »

I kind of predicted the ending, I just knew that Wanderer and Melanie in the same body wasn't going to work out and since Wanderer is so selfless she would give up for Melanie. The only thing I didn't see coming was Wanderer coming back in a different body, I thought it would end with Wanderer staying in the tanks.

I liked the ending, it was sweet and sad at the same time and made me cry and something I didn't expect. I was glad everyone got a happy ending, including Kyle and Sunny.
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Post by sprinkledpink »

I loved the ending! It worked out perfectly that both Melanie and Wanda had their own bodies, and could love their respective men. Weird dynamic, Mel, Jared, Wanda, and Ian all looking back and forth to one another going, "wait, I don't love you! Do I?" Each woman has a tiny piece of love from each man. lol

But I am a bit confused...

Where did they find the body that Wanda finally lived in? And those memories of Melanie calling her Pet..
Can any one explain?

(I attribute this to reading non-stop, fuzzy brain syndrome)

*much thanks to for avatar*
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

sprinkledpink wrote:Where did they find the body that Wanda finally lived in? And those memories of Melanie calling her Pet..
Can any one explain?
They said that they were looking for a body that seemed innocent, trustworthy, ect. so they thought Pet was perfect.

So Melanie, Jared, and Jamie brought her back and removed Pet from the body and put her in a cryotank. They waited around to see if the Host was still in there somewhere, but when they didn't get a response, they went ahead and put Wanda in there :)
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