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Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Post by A'new'vampire'is'born »

I would want a sequel of the book, but I still want it to focus on this group of people, not any other on the planet...
The end was like unfinished for me, I would want to know how she would deal with this new body, and how it would work out for everyone especially now when they've met that other group and knows there are more...
But I also had a little feeling there in the end that the other group of people they met while hang around a while, and like that, Burns will talk much with Wanda cuze they're the same kind...
Then there would be like misunderstandings and all of that between Burns, Wanda and Ian... -I don't like the feeling though... :(
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Post by Miko Kikyou »

Oh well, I'm not sure about this one. I didn't like the ending very much because it was a bit confusing and I wanted to have Mel back - because of here, the book was very special for me and if there is a sequel ( Stephenie already has her plans, doesn't she? ) I'll miss her very much. It made the whole thing complicated because it wasn't only a love triangle with Jared, Mel, Wanda and Ian. In the next books, we will only have Ian and Wanda, maybe someone from the other group, but I'll really miss everything about Jared and Mel.
So I'm not sure if I really want a sequel, but if SM writes one, it will be wonderful.
Or what about a prequel? We don't know very much about the invasion and the time before Mel met Jared. This would be interesting as well...
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Post by MissStryder »

I definitly want some more. I Loved the ending of the book, but then again I couldn't belive it! She leaves it wide open! There's a ton of things that could happen from there on out. Now I've been letting my imagination wander( :] ) , and I'm going to go insane! Especiallly when Stepehenie said that she partly didn't want to make a sequel because it a dangerous world , and she'll have to kill people she dosen't want to kill. I Don't know what I would do if Melanie, Wanda, Jared, Ian, Jamie or even Kyle died. :shock:
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Post by MyLifeAddictionEdward »

I hope she has a sequel!
I want to know what happens between Wanda and Ian!
and i have to agree with kvampireloverr. I want to know more about Burns! ha.
and i want to know about the other groups of humans that are still around.

I <3 Jamie!
(he's such a sweet heart! and around my age.)
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Post by JulesCullen »

I NEED more! The Host was amazing! I hope she does "The Seeker" and "The Soul", as long as they stick with the same characters and viewpoint. But she said some characters would have to die...... that terrifies me!
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Post by eyelinerislife »

I want more. Like, a lot. The book was amazing, and my mind has already begun to roam...

But I don't want a sequel to find out what happens between Wanda and Ian; I want to find out more about Burns. I could, if the sequel goes the way I wish, possibly see a triangle between Wanda, Ian, and Burns. Of course, this is just wishful thinking on my end...
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Post by rainydays_alanna »

me and my friend emailed stephenie telling her we loved her books and that we want more of the host even though we know people will die :(

omg we wrote this line and it's amazing so i have to post it...


yes i know it's the best line ever!
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Post by Twilight_Romance_<3 »

I hope there is another BOOK!! I totally wanted MORE! I'm sure she'll make another one!! She wouldn't just add more characters toward the end of the book if she wasn't making more right? I WANT MOOOOORE
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Post by victorian_ravenblack »

ohmygoodness The Host is actually my favourite book! I love it sooo much! When I finished I started to cry because it was over. If she made a sequel, I'd just fall over dead with happiness.
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Post by kitticat2 »

Oh God, I feel the same way! I LOVED The Host. I want the sequels in my hands right now!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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