The Borders online Interview

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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The Borders online Interview

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Here's where you can talk about the Borders interview. ... /meyer.asp
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Great Interview!

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That interview was great, it got me a lot more excited about The Host ( not that I wasn't already excited about it) haha :lol:
I really hope I can meet Stephenie someday, she seems like such a warm and beautiful soul in all her interviews. I am really hoping that she will be in a nearby state to Texas for Breaking Dawn, if not I am in for a very long road trip :D but it will be absolutely worth it!...why did finals have to be during the same week when Stephenie comes to Texas?!
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I loved that interview!!! I am so excited for The Host now...and when she was saying that thing about Twilight Fans reading it and being like where's Edward had my laughing.The way she talks about her books is so awesome.So gets this whole motherly thing going on with it.When the lady said Breaking Dawn I squealed! Yes I'm a dork..

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That was a wonderful interview. It definitely had me excited for The Host (not that I wasn't excited before). The concept of it sounds fresh, and according to the interviewer, it sounds a bit thought provoking as well. The bits with Breaking Dawn and the movie had me going a bit fangirlish, but it was great hearing Stephenie talk about it. I now have 5/6, 8/2, and 12/12 tattooed on my brain.
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