The Alien Race

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Post by HeavenlyAngel14 »

I personally liked the alien race, i can see both perspectives. i feel a bit sorry for us humans being taken over and all that , but Souls do have to live and thats the only way they can do. I mean we kill all sorts of animals everyday to live, wouldn't it be a bit hypocritical to say the souls were evil, they are not killing anyone.

And in a way i think the human race deserves a bit of punishment. we are greatly affected by greed, jealously and anger and do some horrendous things on this planet. we are responsible for so much death and destruction. So really all the souls wanted to do was to fix that, by taking over. I can see thier perspective incredibly well. I do feel sort of bad though for us though, but that could be beacuse i am human, so i'm just a little biased!
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Post by lela_cullen »

def just finnished the host in one day, i have no idea what i just read...

i didnt understand it much but i think it is because i read it tooooooo fast
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Most seem very closed minded. Like there is one right way to run the society & anything different, isnt acceptable.
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Post by Midnight_Fix »

I can understand the alien's POV about the destructiveness of the human race, but I don't really agree with their decision to take it upon themselves to fix it. I mean, who are they to play Gods of the universe and interfere? Are they really trying to save the human race or are they more concerned for the actual planet? Do they really intend to give the planet back to the humans after they have finished there behavior modification, so to speak? Are they trying to take over the whole universe or what? I wonder how many planets and species get passed over for their inhabitation. What are their standards on deciding if a certain planet needs there interferance? Wow..good thing this is fiction or I might really get worked up. :lol:
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I really like this alien race. They were so innocent and gentle. And here we humans were ready for some sort of END-OF-THE-WORLD-MASS-DESTRUCTION-HOSTILE-ALIEN-TAKEOVER business. Or at least, I was. I did enjoy their kindness, and how easy it was to fool them because of it.

But I was wondering why Wanda didn't notice something funny about the seeker. I mean, the whole book she mentions how polite and sweet and kind the Souls all are, but with one huge exception: the seeker. Maybe the general population of Souls are kind, but there have to be more abnormalities of unpleasant ones for her not to notice, right? :?:

And I don't think they were playing God, exactly. They did this to many other planets, and the inhabitants of those planets never objected; the Spiders welcomed it! The Souls were only doing what they knew to do.
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Post by MyLifeAddictionEdward »

they made me mad!
Wanda was always saying that the human race was violent and they killed each other and that's one of the reasons the souls started making humans their hosts, but when they do that, that's practically killing to!! it made me not like the souls so much. but i couldn't hate Wanda.
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