The Alien Race

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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The Alien Race

Post by Cocoa »

What are your thoughts on this alien race?
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Post by Spiro »

I'd rather be abducted by SM's vampires! :) LOL
Aliens scare me more.
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Post by amontilado »

I suspect that Stephenie is going to make it hard for us to dislike her aliens completely. I imagine that there will be much to like about them....
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Post by Spiro »

I will agree to that! Vampires were always so dark and horrifying until I met Stephenie's. They are dark, but also very mysterious, charismatic, and beautiful.
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Post by CastMeNotAway »

When I read the prologue, I was a little confused... do these aliens have physical bodies? They kept referencing different creatures that Wanderer had inhabited and none of the other aliens were in anything but a human body.

If that's the case, I think that's REALLY cool.

(Also, I wonder if they *really* have defined genders like we do. Is Wanderer actually a female?)
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Post by Spiro »

That's a good question. I am sure Wanderer is a female bec. of how SM said that it would start having the same feelings for Jared as Melanie does.
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Post by bananas_4_edward »

It kind of makes me think of War of the Worlds. Meaning that the aliens spied on them all those years to figure out how to take over and then they poof out of nowhere to take over mankind. And the WotW aliens used human blood to make those vein things like parasites. SO maybe these aliens are like those ones.
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

For some reason I imagine the complete opposite of the G'ould from Stargate SG-1. XDDD

They're the ones who want to live and create peace, but dominating at the same time because they believe themselves to be superior. That's why they came in and took over in the manner that they did.
But I'm not really sure. They seem good, especially with always wanting to help their kind (impression I got while reading the excerpts), but then I questioned that theory when I was introduced to that viscious seeker.

What do you all think?

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Post by Shieka »

the alien race suprsed me
i thought they would be bad, but i honestly cant call them bad
i can dissagree with what they are doing but they do think they are helping people and with other races im sure it did help
but humans are to induvidualized like wanda said
i dont know they just suprized me
but then again the whole srory did
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Post by twihardy »

I thought it interesting that the aliens were largely pacifist by their natures - they didn't like violence, they just wanted to improve things from their pov. It was the human fight to stay alive that villianized them...and probably other seekers like Mel's.

Wanda was definitely female - she talked about how she could procreate in the book - but it would require her death. Her seeker even mentioned this option to her once, or maybe her comforter, I can't remember.

I loved the idea of the aliens because it creates a situation where you have to look at humanity from a strictly objective position - like looking at our proclivity for violence against each other...and how our emotions overrule our logic and makes things so much more complex.

In then end, Wanda's alien nature makes the humans around her better humans, she actually brings out the best of humanity...even after the worst of humanity (Kyle's attempt on her life) happens and she doesn't respond in like manner.
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