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Wanting.an.Edward wrote: He honestly beleived that he would never lose Mel, that they would always be together even after the end of the world and when she was taken away it utterly shattered him and he became a differant man. not someone who was happy and smiling but someone so close to being cold. to him she was dead and that killed a major part of him. That just shows how much he loved her.
I loved that Jared was flawed. It was so much more different then Edward and the Cullens (because they were protrayed as perfect and impossibly beautiful) that it was nice to see flaws in one of the main male characters who was one of the love interests. (Which includes Wanda's Ian too.)

Hmm..."Wanda's Ian"...that sounds nice. :) Could totally make a fanfic out of that. :wink:

Anyway, the nastiness was a bit shocking after Mel's loving memories of him but as the book progressed he became somewhat of the old Jared, changed and shaped by his experiences. It was a slow gradual change, which made it at the same time believable. :)
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I love Ian by far more then I do Jared, but he still has a place...

I can see why Jared is the way he is after he loses Melanie. But, he kind of turns soft after Walter's death. I dont know if I am wrong, but I always thought Jared was able to seperate Melanie and Wanda completely. Jared feels bad for Wanda when she hurts herself to get Jamie medicine. Jared only kisses Wanda when she looses Melanie. Jared is also the one to "make" Doc try and seperate the souls from the bodies to see if he could ever get Melanie back.

My love for Jared grew emmensly (sp?) when he says the last things to Wanda in Melanie's body. Jared is also the one who threatens Doc and is the one who wants a face that everyone will trust...

Why the heck does SM keep doing this to us?! She keeps writing about FABULOUS men and they are in freakin' books! lol
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i've come to understand jared a little more now that i've re-read the host.
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