The Wanderer

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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Post by vampgirl39 »

I know what you mean! Characters in almost all books grow on you.

But the good thing about the host was that if the Melanie or Wanderer was bothering you than you could just focus on the other person's story. There are two people in one body! how cool is that?
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Post by AuroraSparrow »

I'm so disappointed there seems to be so little to say about Wanderer....I thought she was the absolute best character in the entire book. She is what humans should really be like...if we could just stick true to our humanity... She is so pure and good... It's first, like everyone else seemed to, I thought she was going to be the antagonist... But I couldn't help trusting her when her and Melanie began bantering. And I couldn't help but begin to love her when she was going through the desert...I must have known she wasn't going to betray Melanie or Jared or Jamie. I felt a little bit like Jamie throughout the book...once everyone began to trust was hard to separate Wanderer from Melanie...when I thought of was like they were two people in one...which they were...but it was hard to really think of it in a bad was a given to accept them both in one...

And I fell in love with Wanderer (not in the way I'm in love with Ian and Edward...but as a person) when Jamie was sick... From that...that was it... She was too good to do anything bad... I cried so badly after she made her decision...I cried until the very ending of the book....once I realized Wanderer was back...I cried because I was happy and still a little shocked...because I thought she'd been gone for good...

Having finished the book, I realize now that Wanderer is that person we all wished we could be but we can't because we're all too selfish... At least I wish I could be like her... She's just so good and pure...Ian and her are so perfect together...
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Post by Ch0x »

Wanda... oh Wanderer.. She's just so..

Like Ian said, self sacrificing. She says it's the nature of souls, but I'm not too sure. She is all for the greater good, since souls are trained to think that way. But she'd do anything for Jamie or Jared, it's so adorable. And the way that she held Walter and tried to help him through the pain... And the way that she sobbed and sobbed over Jamie.

I don't think that Pet's body is a very good one for Wanda, too physically weak. But Wanda has the personality.

Wanda is a really good character, and I'm also surprised there isn't very much discussion about her.
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Post by vegasn8ive »

I, too, am surprised that there isn't more discussion about Wanderer. She is, after all, the main character. And such a great character at that.
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Post by RainyForks »

Actually, you ALWAYS get that with SM's characters, don't you, that they're SOOOO unbelievably selfless it makes you sick. That's why I kind of really like Mel, cos she's so angry sometimes ha :)

I really did like Wanda, she was one of a kind, that she felt so much compassion for the humans. and I'm glad she ended up with Ian.

The only thing I didn't like is the new body they picked for her at the end. It sounded to feeble and childish for Wanda. I always imagined Wanda as much stronger. Probably because she spent most of the book in Mel's body.
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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

Wanda really is Altruistic. Jared found the perfect word for her. She would put Jamie and Jared (and at the end, Ian and every other member of her family) before herself. She is definately like a martyr. She was goign to kill herself off so that Mel could have her happiness and everyone could be alien-less in their human sanctuary. I amire her qualities and mostly the way she was able to love even through everything she was facing. Shes a great perfect. An angel, just like Jamie said.
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Post by AlaneyRain »

I don't know about you all..
But I like Wanda's character a lot better than Melanie's..
Don't get me wrong, I admire Melanie a lot. She is a very strong person, but I think that Wanda is a stronger person.
She saves people that want to kill her. She is willing to give her life, to save someone she doesn't even care for..
She's awesome.
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Post by TopazTears1527 »

I hated Wanderer at first because it seemed that she was intruding on the relationships. But then, I developed an appreciation for her. She's braver than I would have guessed. :)
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Post by iamsamsam »

I love her.

This could be becuase she is a soul, but she is an all around selfless being. Someone that could be the perfect human. I wonder if she will be the same now that shes not stuck with someone elses emotions. I think she will.

We dont know too much about the souls yet, they are supposed to be like... perfect.

But would any of them do what Wanda was willing to do?
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Post by iyikka_22 »

Is anyone upset about Wanda's new body?? I don't seem to recall exactly what her age might have been... 15, 16? Before she lied??

I picture her so babyish looking, pudgy even... I can't seem to get an accurate picture of her in my mind. Even though the book stated that she was "angelic" looking.. I can't seem to connect her image with Ian anymore....

I think she kind of lost her "appeal" in a manner.... butttt... nvm, that was never what Ian was going for anyway...
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